I made this blog post about Ferncloud because I really hate it when people are like, "Ew. Ferncloud. She's a permanent queen and gets pregnant a lot."

First off, the permanent queen thing. I don't get that. Just because they prefer helping the younger members of the Clan instead of hunting and battling makes them bad? I don't mind the permanent queens, honestly. I love how they are willing to help their Clan in a unique way. I don't really see anything bad. In the Dark Forest battle, they fought, so they possess fighting skills, too, so it isn't like they're lacking any skill.

And here's the part I have the strongest feelings about: "She gets pregnant a lot." Three of her kits died. Hollykit, Larchkit, and Shrewpaw. But why is getting pregnant bad? It brings new warriors and queens, and that brings a new generation of skills and youth to any Clan. Getting pregnant three times is a lot in Warriors, but cats can get pregnant more than three times, obviously.

So, opinions?