Once I reread the Power of Three and the Omen of the Stars series I realized how much of a wacky cat Sol is. So I wanted to blog about it, since after The Forgotten Warrior, Sol is.... forgotten. He's the... Forgotten Rogue.

So I wanted to stretch my opinion. Of course, he is mostly the cat who is blamed for comitting crimes, such as killing Ashfur (false). He is just a little plot-twister that the Erins sprinkle in for some suspense and mystery and end up always mixing in a teaspoon of Hollyleaf. Ashfur's murder and saving Cherrypaw and Molepaw are great examples of this.

Now I want to talk about cats' reactions to Sol.

Sol gave Purdy happiness in the winter of his life. So, I'm happy that Purdy has a friend, but, I'm also glad he got down to his senses and befriended Mousefur and Longtail and ultimately forgot Sol altogether, which is very hard to do.

Most cats are neutral towards him or hate him.

But I don't get why they hate him. So, you hate this cat because you need an obvious blaming suspect of Ashfur's death? And then ThunderClan tricked themselves into hating him, which is just the stupidest thing I've ever heard. So, now, the Clans have tricked themselves into recieving another "enemy," and ThunderClan is the most friendly towards rogues and loners, especially those who join Clans. So now ThunderClan has trained themselves to be stupid. That is no one's fault but theirs.

Some cats admire him and love him.

If you saved my children, I'd be very happy, which is what happened to Poppyfrost. The apprentices admired him. But, in The Forgotten Warrior, everyone hates him, and Hollyleaf refrains from killing him! I would think that such a menace would have to be killed, but no, the code is more important.

And then, no more cats mention him and seem to forget who he is altogether when the territories are being trampled by the Dark Forest cats and their recruits in The Last Hope. They immediately blame each other, and don't even mention Sol at all. It seems like he doesn't exist. Which is, again, the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

And now I want to talk about Sol's history in the series, not the manga.

So, Sol is the blamed cat and is very cunning, a great liar, and very convincing. Look where that got him at the end of The Forgotten Warrior. He vows revenge, and is never seen again, ever. That is what I do not get at all.

And how did every single cat forget about Sol? How could they? It just doesn't make any sense.

So, opinions?