So, I'm going to talk about one pairing that is just so wrong. This will contain spoilers, and also contains my opinion. So, here it is:

Leafpool and Crowfeather

I'm not just talking about forbidden love, and breaking the warrior code. It's just mainly stupid. I know Leafpool gave birth to Jayfeather and Lionblaze, two cats in the huge power of three prophecy. In my opinion, the power of three was just some cheesy more fantasy-esque thing that wasn't necessary. It's just really for a more rich PoV with the characters and more personality. In the end, the powers never saved the Clans at all. But, it didn't seem like it made much sense. In Leafpool's defense, she didn't know it would be this easy to fall in love... but with a cat that you've just seen and never talked to? And she only wanted to talk to him because he was close to Squirrelflight.... allegedly. And now.... they're in love. Then she never comes clean, and then they're this misunderstanding between Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw. It was just a nightmare for multiple cats, including herself. And when she finally comes clean when Hollyleaf screeches it to the four Clans, she goes to the point where she says that she never regretted having her kits. That is probably a lie, or very true. And Crowfeather.... he just loved Feathertail and made himself get named after Feathertail. And now he's running away from Feathertail and his own Clan, and is tangled into this crazy scheme that Leafpool and Squirrelflight cooked up. Then he goes to the extreme of taking Nightcloud as a mate, and then he makes his own life worse, if it could. So... so much wrong.

So, if you disagree with me, don't argue over who's right. Opinions can't be right or wrong. So, comments?

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