Okay, I just realized how much of an opinion I have about the Power of Three. xDDD So I wanted to blog about it.

So, I sorta wanted to evaluate each cat involved in it, and how the Power of Three didn't really save the Clans.

First of all, before I talk about each cat, I don't get why they "saved the Clans". Mind-reading? A blind mind-reading cat can protect a Clan from annihilation? I think Jayfeather did almost nothing. I admit, Lionblaze's fighter power must have helped, but super-senses are also pretty helped. The Erins sort of imply that the Power of Three, united, are invincible. Wow, they have superpowers... how impressive, is all you think. It doesn't really enrich the plot. The Clans would do fine without the stupid Power of Three. Now, here's each cat:


I feel like he was just there, if you know what I mean. Just the third cat, nothing else. A grumpy sarcastic blind mind-reading medicine cat. Whoopee. He can't even learn to fight, as he's blind, and wasn't really great. He acted like he could thwart evil all himself, and was just too... annoying for me.


He is just so arrogant. Oh, I can fight better than anybody is his attitude. He acts like if you're not in the Power of Three, you're insignificant and bad. His Clanmates matter. They never gave up. It seemed like he didn't care Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight aren't his parents. He just should learn to not be so arrogant. He has good intentions, but...


For my tastes, she was too whiny and annoying. Boo hoo, you lose your senses for a bit because they're overwhelmed. It's not like you're demoted from being in the Power of Three. She's also arrogant. And what really ticked me off was that she almost seemed surprised that her senses came back. She whines about everything, and cares about nobody but herself.


I think every cat gave her less credit than she deserved. She was really the cat that saved the Clans. I believe Ivypool saved the Clans, not the Power of Three. Ivypool. What did she do? She killed Antpelt (twice) and she killed him the second time just to be a Dark Forest warrior just to serve the Clans. She actually had a pure, good heart, and she should have been in it instead of Dovewing, Lionblaze, or Jayfeather or at least been the fourth cat.

So, I think that the Power of Three was a useless addition to Warriors, and they didn't save the Clans, and Ivypool did on her own accord, not because of a prophecy. So, opinions?