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    June 18, 2013 by Thistleheart

    I find Brokenstar interesting, because unlike most villains in Warriors, he hasn't had anything happen to him to make him change his mind on being good or evil. He was showing signs of hatred even as a kit, where it is said that he had hit Tanglekit, his foster sister, in the face and turned on Yellowfang. Though he was taunted and mocked by his littermates for his unknown heritage and his foster mother, Lizardstripe, disliked him, that couldn't be enough to cause him to be the way he was. It is also said that he used unsheathed claws while training, and that he disobeyed his mentor. I want to know if he was influenced by any cat, or if he just happened to believe that he should be this way. I think it's odd that a kit could be so cruel, a…

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