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    Crowfeather is my least favorite cat in the series. He is very annoying and whiny as an apprentice, and as a warrior he is even worse! He betrayed his clan, his mate(s), and his kit(s).

    Crowfeather starts out as a grumpy, annoying, and mean apprentice. He doesn't really like aanybody, and no one really likes him! Until, of course, he gets to know feathertail. The adorable relationship between the two cats let's you get to know Crowfeather a bit more, and learn that... Maybe Crowfeather isn't all that bad?

    After Feathertail dies, Crowfeather goes back to the clans, even more grumpy and mean as ever. But that's understandable, rlight? I mean, he just lost the love of his life... And then he met leafpool. The beautiful sister to Squirrelflight,…

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  • Today(blogclan)
    ​Blackstar Rant

    Blackstar... Such a reliable leader, right? Wrong. There are so many examples throughout the books of Blackstar's... "Mistakes" as a leader. Yes, yes, I know that nobody's perfect, but COME ON! Blackstar deliberately hurt his clan, StarClan, and many of the clans in the forest.

    Example #1) Okay, this decision made by Blackstar, was made before he even became a leader! When Tigerstar became the arrogant tirant of Shadowclan, Blackstar pledged his loyalty to the evil cat, becoming his ever so trusty deputy. And he killed Stonefur. In front of stonefur's sister.

    Example #2) Blackstar always blames Firestar, the cat who has saved the clans many times, for any of shadowclan's problems! Like, 'Oh no a kit died in shadowclan... It wa…

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