​Blackstar Rant

Blackstar... Such a reliable leader, right? Wrong. There are so many examples throughout the books of Blackstar's... "Mistakes" as a leader. Yes, yes, I know that nobody's perfect, but COME ON! Blackstar deliberately hurt his clan, StarClan, and many of the clans in the forest.

Example #1) Okay, this decision made by Blackstar, was made before he even became a leader! When Tigerstar became the arrogant tirant of Shadowclan, Blackstar pledged his loyalty to the evil cat, becoming his ever so trusty deputy. And he killed Stonefur. In front of stonefur's sister.

Example #2) Blackstar always blames Firestar, the cat who has saved the clans many times, for any of shadowclan's problems! Like, 'Oh no a kit died in shadowclan... It was obviously firestar and his whole "evil" clan who caused this!' 

Example #3) Blackstar turned against STARCLAN! That was what brought me over the edge. I mean, Blackstar turned his whole clan against starclan JUST BECAUSE a loner said so. This was such a stupid thing to do! And once he relaxed that he was being stupid, he barely seemed horrified about what he did!

Thanks for reading! Please remember to share your opinions, and tell me what cat I should do next!                                                             -Tee

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