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    December 11, 2013 by ToramLover89

    For the previous blogs I have worked, on it has talked about character POVs so I will update a chart with who people want and at the deadline of July 18th, I will see which one is the most popular and that cat will be the main focus.

    Do not forget to tell other people about this blog so I can get more of an idea of what you want.

    Cat's name Clan  Votes
    Russetfur ShadowClan 1
    Blackstar ShadowClan 2
    Stonefur RiverClan 1
    Leapordstar RiverClan 1
    Bluestar ThunderClan 3
    Sandstorm ThunderClan 4
    Ravenpaw ThunderClan 5
    Tigerstar ThunderClan 1
    Whitestorm ThunderClan 1
    Graypaw ThunderClan 2

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  • ToramLover89

    Great Idea

    December 10, 2013 by ToramLover89

    If you have read my previous post, your probably wondering why I wanted to know this infomation. i was thinking the other day what if we (the members of the Warriors Wiki) could persuade the Erins to re-write a series in another cat's view. I mean how cool would that be????!! What if it was about Tigerstar's thoughts from the 1st series or Sandstorm's in the 1st series to. What do you think?

    If you think this would work tell me your thoughts because maybe, just maybe with a lot of work and a very upbeat attitude we could actually persuade the Erins to do this ideas (growing smile on face :D)

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  • ToramLover89

    Point of View(POV)

    December 9, 2013 by ToramLover89

    Who has noticed that all the books are mostly on Firestar's life in the orginal arc?.........(akward silence)......

    The Erins should at least show some other cat's perspective of the story or a different clan like they did for the Super editions(Crookedstar's promise,Yellowfang's secret,Tallstar's revenge,Blustar's prophecy, etc.). So the point of this topic is, I want to know what clan you want a new perspective on or a specific cat. Below I have a table where I have shown an example of what I mean. When you get the idea tell me what you think in the comments bar.

    Table of Ideas
    Username Clan Name Cat Name Why???
    ex.Firestar12321 Riverclan Silverstream To see the life of the leader's daughter
    ....... Thunderclan Thistleclaw The journey of a da…

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