Who has noticed that all the books are mostly on Firestar's life in the orginal arc?.........(akward silence)......

The Erins should at least show some other cat's perspective of the story or a different clan like they did for the Super editions(Crookedstar's promise,Yellowfang's secret,Tallstar's revenge,Blustar's prophecy, etc.). So the point of this topic is, I want to know what clan you want a new perspective on or a specific cat. Below I have a table where I have shown an example of what I mean. When you get the idea tell me what you think in the comments bar.

Table of Ideas
Username Clan Name Cat Name Why???
ex.Firestar12321 Riverclan Silverstream To see the life of the leader's daughter
....... Thunderclan Thistleclaw The journey of a darkforest trained cat.
......... Windclan Crowfeather What made starclan chose him for the journey
.................. Shadowclan Tanypelt The life of a cat who joined Shadowclan while her brother lived in Thunderclan

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