For the previous blogs I have worked, on it has talked about character POVs so I will update a chart with who people want and at the deadline of July 18th, I will see which one is the most popular and that cat will be the main focus.

Do not forget to tell other people about this blog so I can get more of an idea of what you want.

Cat's name Clan  Votes
Russetfur ShadowClan 1
Blackstar ShadowClan 2
Stonefur RiverClan 1
Leapordstar RiverClan 1
Bluestar ThunderClan 3
Sandstorm ThunderClan 4
Ravenpaw ThunderClan 5
Tigerstar ThunderClan 1
Whitestorm ThunderClan 1
Graypaw ThunderClan 2

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