While I've noticed the bad points of Firestar, I've also noticed the good points. I thought that I'd bring these points up.

The Good

While Firestar may bring in a lot of kittypets and loners, he brings in more warriors for his Clan. Even if Daisy seems useless, that's one cat. By bringing in Daisy, he got five new warriors for his Clan: Berrynose, Hazeltail, Mousewhisker, Toadstep, and Rosepetal. They are all good warriors, despite Berrynose's arrogance. He also brought in Millie, who, even if she neglects Blossomfall, is all in all, a good warrior and a value to the Clan. Also, if he hadn't brought Cloudtail to the Clan, back in Fire and Ice, then, there goes one less valuable warrior.
He also has a tendency to help other Clans. I believe there is a good, as well as bad, side to this. True, it may make him look like he thinks ThunderClan is best of all, he understands the fact that if one Clan falls, the others will. Firestar does what he thinks is best for the Clans, which can sometimes be helpful.

Feel free to discuss, as I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

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