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  • Violetfeather


    September 23, 2012 by Violetfeather

    I just finished Crookedstar's Promise, and at the end I was quite uncertain about Mapleshade. For one thing, Dark Forest cats are sent there as a punishment for harming other cats, and shouldn't be able to harm the living. So what gave Mapleshade the powers to control Crookedstar's fate? Was it her fault, or simply a coincidence? Also, I don't understand why everyone thinks she killed her own kits. She seemed full of grief over their deaths, and I almost felt sorry for her when she was chucked out of her Clan and was forever unaccepted by the cat she loved. I know she tried getting revenge in all sorts of ways and earned her place in the Dark Forest, but for whatever reason they didn't say what they were. And really, the warrior code was fa…

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  • Violetfeather

    I love this series, no joke. XD But really, there are a ton of things about it that I strongly despise. Like the Clan cats' ideals. Yeah. Really. Opinions are appreciated.

    The warrior code. Are you serious? It's the most barbaric set of laws I've ever heard of, and the Clan cats obey it like a cult. The code tells the cats to forever be rivals and never think even once of making peace and living as one, and kittens are trained to fight and kill each other at a young age - about the equivalent of six to twelve year old kids! They're even supposed to hold their Clans above their families - how mean is that? Lionblaze tried to kill his dad and would-be girlfriend, Brambleclaw killed his brother, and Graystripe left his kits behind in RC. And w…

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  • Violetfeather

    I've been wondering...I know there are several cats in the series I consider evil, and I used to hate them like crazy, but really...are they really evil? I'd love to hear ur opinions. Really, the only reason they're evil is because they took their personalities to far...Jayfeather's rude, Bramblestar's arrogant, and Dovewing's a brat, but they're all decent Clan cats.

    Thistleclaw - I didn't see anything wrong with him. He was just a self-centered loser who thought a fight could fix anything, but he just wanted the best for his Clan. He had a family he loved, and his mate's sister hated him since he was a kit - what could he do about that? And he broke the code only once when he goaded Tigerpaw on to kill Tiny. At least Bluestar was there to…

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