I've been wondering...I know there are several cats in the series I consider evil, and I used to hate them like crazy, but really...are they really evil? I'd love to hear ur opinions. Really, the only reason they're evil is because they took their personalities to far...Jayfeather's rude, Bramblestar's arrogant, and Dovewing's a brat, but they're all decent Clan cats.

Thistleclaw - I didn't see anything wrong with him. He was just a self-centered loser who thought a fight could fix anything, but he just wanted the best for his Clan. He had a family he loved, and his mate's sister hated him since he was a kit - what could he do about that? And he broke the code only once when he goaded Tigerpaw on to kill Tiny. At least Bluestar was there to save his life! Though it was partly his fault Tigerstar became evil - he wasn't born evil, just ambitious, though Thistleclaw taught him to use his ambition in a wrong way. Then again, Tigerpaw made his own choices. I really don't think he deserves to be in the Dark Forest because of one cat's opinion. Then again, where was the proof he would have drowned the forest in blood if he became leader? The leader position might have made him a good cat like it did Blackstar! Imagine his grief when he was separated from his mate and son for the second time!

Tigerstar - Again, he wasn't born evil, he just had plenty of courage and ambition, which his mentor taught him to use the wrong way. And even if he made a choice to be evil, he was still a young apprentice, and might not have understood that what Thistleclaw taught him was wrong. And he didn't exactly have a great life - his dad left him to be a kittypet before he even knew him, and his mom and siblings died when he was young. Whatever his crimes, he certainly didn't deserve his horrible death.

Hawkfrost - There was nothing really wrong with him, he was just extremely ambitious. Really, I loved his character. I think he quite deserved to become leader, and I totally agreed with whatever his dad told him about Firestar being a softie. He inherited the evil from his dad, that's obvious, but he only meant to use it in a good way and be loyal. He deserved some punishment for turning his ambition to evil, but not a gruesome death by his brother for sure.

Scourge - He was already abused enough by his siblings for being small, and he never knew his father - who was also the father of the cat who killed him. And he was attacked and mentally scarred by Tigerpaw when he didn't even know he was intruding on his territory - he was just a kit, for StarClan's sake! And all Thistleclaw did was goad him on. I would be quite surprised if he never wanted revenge. You can say it was his choice to be evil, but he was just a kit then!

Brokenstar - He never knew his real parents, since his mother tossed him off to an abusive queen who treated him like vermin and taught him it was okay to be evil. How else would he get the idea to be power-hungry enough to kill his dad? And he killed hundreds of kits, but he was raised by a she-cat who abused and probably killed her own! And when his mom killed him, didn't he feel any remorse for what he did? I felt quite sorry for him when he died.

Breezepelt - It's one thing growing up without a dad, it's another to have a dad who neglects you and has other kids and an ex-girlfriend he loves more than you and your mom. And I bet he's quite annoyed how possesive Nightcloud is over him. I totally understand his point of view. Some kids have committed suicide because they're abused or neglected by their parents. Do you think Breezepelt deserves that?

Mapleshade - I don't know what she did to be in the Dark Forest. She took a mate from another Clan and got banished, and probably killed her kits, but then what else did she do to be there? It would be nice to know.

Blossomfall - It is quite bratty of her to be jealous of her dying sister! Honestly, doesn't she have any pity? Then again, it always hurts to have a neglectful mother. But really, I'm sure she has a couple friends she could confide in, doesn't she? Who cares about Millie, anyway?

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