I just finished Crookedstar's Promise, and at the end I was quite uncertain about Mapleshade. For one thing, Dark Forest cats are sent there as a punishment for harming other cats, and shouldn't be able to harm the living. So what gave Mapleshade the powers to control Crookedstar's fate? Was it her fault, or simply a coincidence? Also, I don't understand why everyone thinks she killed her own kits. She seemed full of grief over their deaths, and I almost felt sorry for her when she was chucked out of her Clan and was forever unaccepted by the cat she loved. I know she tried getting revenge in all sorts of ways and earned her place in the Dark Forest, but for whatever reason they didn't say what they were. And really, the warrior code was far stricter in those days, so I'm guessing if she was alive today and took a mate from a different Clan, she wouldn't recieve the same fate. Should she be pitied or hated? Were the deaths of Rainflower, Shellheart, Hailstar, Willowbreeze, Mosskit, Willowkit, Minnowkit, Brambleberry, Oakheart, and Silverstream really her fault? I'd like to hear opinions.

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