I love this series, no joke. XD But really, there are a ton of things about it that I strongly despise. Like the Clan cats' ideals. Yeah. Really. Opinions are appreciated.

The warrior code. Are you serious? It's the most barbaric set of laws I've ever heard of, and the Clan cats obey it like a cult. The code tells the cats to forever be rivals and never think even once of making peace and living as one, and kittens are trained to fight and kill each other at a young age - about the equivalent of six to twelve year old kids! They're even supposed to hold their Clans above their families - how mean is that? Lionblaze tried to kill his dad and would-be girlfriend, Brambleclaw killed his brother, and Graystripe left his kits behind in RC. And why? Because they were from different Clans! And look at all the things that happened to the she-cats who broke the code and ran off with the cats they loved. Compare that to Collin's Hunger Games, where kids are forced into the wild and made to kill each other for fun! And only to keep the Districts (Clans) in line. Compare that to Kony, who forced kids to be soldiers and made them kill their families! And relationships between Clans are forbidden - that's like racism! And the cats are supposed to hate the way other cats and animals live. In other words, the code tells cats to hate each other, other ways of life, and fight for everything and hate peace. And cats harm themselves just so they can have the lives they deserve, which aren't stuck under the code. Not for humans. I'm surprised parents are still letting their kids read these books.

StarClan. It's like some horrid cult. They're just a bunch of dead cats who think they know it all. And the Clan cats are brainwashed into believing so, and sacrifice themselves in all kinds of horrible ways just to honor StarClan. Remember how Mousefur ran under the branch of a tree to chase a mouse because she thought she was dishonoring StarClan by wasting prey? Well, Longtail and Briarlight ran after her, and poor Briar broke her legs and suffered a painful life. Are you serious? And how should one cat be allowed to decide who goes in the DF? If Mudclaw went to StarClan even when he tried to kill Onestar, then why was Thistleclaw sent to the DF for his nature? Honestly! They should only punish the cats who really deserve it!

The Dark Forest. I don't mind it really, at least the cats never feel hungry or hurt. They're just...well, lonely, though they probably don't feel that social. But really, only the cats who truly deserve it should go there. Thistleclaw certainly didn't.

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