Has anyone else noticed this pattern in the warriors series?

In the modern clans it's been noticable that they've paid much disregard to the warrior code-which binds them together as a clan.

In the older times, you would get kicked out from your clan by having a forbidden mate. Mapleshade is a good example. However, Leafpool, who broke two segments of the warrior code-the medicine cat code and the forbidden mate law-and Firestar didn't banish her. Rather she stepped down and he made her a warrior.

In the past, cats didn't let many kittypets into their clan. Being a kittypet was considered extremely shameful. Yet Firestar seems to let in every kittypet who asks to join with open arms, and no one seemed even a little bothered.

If you ate a piece of freshkill while on a patrol, you used to be severely punished for not giving it to the clans first. In the newer books it seems they don't do anything at all about it. I mean, really?

So in conclusion, I believe the modern clans give way too much slack on the warrior code. Especially Firestar. I just hope Bramblestar through his experience follows the warrior code better. He should know, his father broke it like 10 times, and if he doesn't want to follow Tigerstar he'd better...

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