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  • Violetwing

    We all love him, and he's led ThunderClan through practically everything, but honestly, he's lived a bit too long. (And he has only two lives left.) I'll miss him - he's so awesome! - but my point is...who's next? Personally I don't want it to be Brambleclaw, since it's like he has to take control of everything. And it probably won't be Squirrelflight or Leafpool, after all the Crow x Leaf drama. I wouldn't want Dustpelt, since he doesn't understand anyone, and isn't the kindest. And Ferncloud spends way too much time in the nursery. Any ideas? These are just mine.

    - Graystripe. He's awesome (and cute, LOL!), but he really knows what it is to be a leader, and he'd give anything for his Clan.

    - Sandstorm. She'd make a great leader, and I love…

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  • Violetwing

    We know ThunderClan would be much smaller without her, but honestly, she's had enough. She's already expecting her fourth litter, and I heard that having too many kits is HARMFUL to cats! And Dustpelt's going to be an elder soon, so she has to stop sometime. I almost feel that her having kits is just an excuse to opt out of warrior duties. It really wouldn't hurt her to join one hunting patrol, you know! The sickest thing is that Dustpelt's her uncle! She should be glad none of her kits have birth defects. And if the Erins stopped other uncle-and-niece relationships (Foxleap and Rosepetal, Ashfur and Squirrelflight), why didn't they stop Dustpelt and Ferncloud?

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  • Violetwing

    Doesn't anyone realize that without Thistleclaw, so many things would be different? Tell me what you think.

    • Tigerstar would never have been evil. It's incredible, but true. Tigerkit may have been born with ambition, but Thistleclaw taught him to use it the totally wrong way.
    • Scourge would never have become who he was. Remember, Tigerpaw almost killed him, and mentally scarred him for life, and all Thistleclaw did was goad him on! And BloodClan would have never attacked the forest.
    • Bluefur would never have had to give up her kits, and they would have lived great lives in ThunderClan. (I miss Mosskit - SOB!) And it wouldn't have really mattered if she became deputy or not, though she might have found a way.
    • Whitestorm, Brindleface, Spottedleaf, …
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  • Violetwing

    Okay, we all know how these characters died, and we're all devastated, but do you think they really deserved it? Tell me what you think.

    1. Rainflower - we all know what a horrible, neglectful mom she was, and how much sorrow she caused poor Crookedkit, but she really was sorry, wasn't she? Maybe she should've lived to tell Crookedstar that, even just before the dog killed her.
    2. Bluestar - okay, she made the mistake of trusting Tigerclaw, going crazy, and she had to give up her kits to Oakheart and one of them died because she made the mistake of loving a cat from another Clan. But did she really deserve to die so early? I mean, Firestar's lived WAY too long. And I loved her! She was so awesome!
    3. Mosskit - it wasn't her fault her mom made the mist…
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