Okay, we all know how these characters died, and we're all devastated, but do you think they really deserved it? Tell me what you think.

  1. Rainflower - we all know what a horrible, neglectful mom she was, and how much sorrow she caused poor Crookedkit, but she really was sorry, wasn't she? Maybe she should've lived to tell Crookedstar that, even just before the dog killed her.
  2. Bluestar - okay, she made the mistake of trusting Tigerclaw, going crazy, and she had to give up her kits to Oakheart and one of them died because she made the mistake of loving a cat from another Clan. But did she really deserve to die so early? I mean, Firestar's lived WAY too long. And I loved her! She was so awesome!
  3. Mosskit - it wasn't her fault her mom made the mistake of falling in love with a cat from another Clan. She really shouldn't have died for another cat's crimes.
  4. Tigerstar - okay, we all know how evil he was, but did he really deserve to die a death like the one he did? And he had a bad childhood - his dad left him to become a kittypet before he even got to know him, and his mom and sisters died. And he would have just been a loyal warrior who was proud of his kits if he hadn't had a psycho like Thistleclaw for a mentor.
  5. Scourge - it wasn't his fault he was so evil, was it? Ruby and Socks were making him look like a jerk, and Tigerstar mentally scarred him for life!
  6. Hollykit, Larchkit, and Shrewpaw - this isn't about if they deserved to die, but if they should have died. Ferncloud needs something to let her know that she's having too many kits, but at least one of them should have lived, right? And everyone underestimated Shrewpaw. If he'd lived to be a warrior (possibly Shrewnose), it may have given him a chance to prove himself. Personally I loved Hollykit and Larchkit - they were so cute! And only one of Ferncloud's daughters lived to become a warrior! (GO GIRLS!)
  7. Flametail - this is about how he died, not if he should have. It was almost idiotic, him dying from playing hockey! It's so disturbing. Like Shelly said, even a five-year-old would groan about it.
  8. Feathertail and Silverstream - they were so awesome! Why did we have to lose both of them? It's rare you ever come across a friend like that. And Silverstream did have to pay a price for her mistake, but not as high as the one she did. It would create complications with Crowfeather and Leafpool if Feathertail had lived, but still, even if she is a repeat of her mom it would be great to have her around.
  9. Hawkfrost - okay, he was evil, but he got it all from his father. Personally I adore his character. And he may not have been so evil if he had got another chance. And like I said in another blog post, he would be totally different without Thistleclaw.

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