We all love him, and he's led ThunderClan through practically everything, but honestly, he's lived a bit too long. (And he has only two lives left.) I'll miss him - he's so awesome! - but my point is...who's next? Personally I don't want it to be Brambleclaw, since it's like he has to take control of everything. And it probably won't be Squirrelflight or Leafpool, after all the Crow x Leaf drama. I wouldn't want Dustpelt, since he doesn't understand anyone, and isn't the kindest. And Ferncloud spends way too much time in the nursery. Any ideas? These are just mine.

- Graystripe. He's awesome (and cute, LOL!), but he really knows what it is to be a leader, and he'd give anything for his Clan.

- Sandstorm. She'd make a great leader, and I love her personality.

- Dovewing/Ivypool. They're new, but who wouldn't want them to be leader? They're so awesome! I would pick Dovewing, personally.

- Millie. Same reason as Sandstorm.

- Lionblaze. He can't die in battle, and he certainly has a great personality.

- Hollyleaf. I know it sounds ridiculous, but if she knew how to get her life and bend the rules the right way, she'd make a great leader.

- Sorreltail. She has a great sense of humor, she's patient, she's understanding, AND she's Whitestorm's daughter.

- Brackenfur. He's so kind and caring to everyone, and it's almost impossible to see him fall for anything or go crazy like Bluestar did.

- Whitewing. She's shown enough what a great cat she is, and I couldn't see her doing anything wrong.

- Squirrelflight/Leafpool. They probably won't get picked, but I adore their personality. I couldn't ever see Squirrelflight letting her Clan's fate slip. Same with Leafpool.

Any other ideas?

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