The title says all.

Is ThunderClan getting too weak?

Let's think.

When Firestar ascended to leader, he was far to flexible with outside cats.

He offered so many of them a place in the Clan. I understand some, except for Daisy. She had absolutely no place in ThunderClan, staying in the nursery to "take care of queens and kits", when she can't even take care of herself.

She pisses me off.

And the "forbidden loves". (Which, in my opinion, there are way to many of.) The punishments are getting to weak.

Bluestar just let Graystripe back in, but when you look at Crookedstar's Promise, Mapleshade was thrown out, which would probably be best for the Clan.

And now, ThunderClan is mostly half-clanners, rogues, and freeloaders, when it was once a great and noble Clan.

Conclusion: ThunderClan is getting too weak.

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