Well, fellow Warriors fans, the new series have been released many times. I even heard that there will be a fifth arc after Omen of the Stars. Here is my opinion. I loved the Original series, but I feel that the Erins are losing their touch. I have reasons as well.

1) The relationships. The Erins just took the original series, and all it's characters, and threw them away! Just like that! For instance, when Graystripe returns, Firestar is just like: "Oh, hey it's my best friend from my apprenticeship a couple Warriors series back, who disappered a while ago. I feel slight emotion to you." Graystripe: "Same"

2) The names. Please, Squirrelflight? She was named for her TAIL. SquirrelTAIL. And, Sneezekit? Bumblestripe? The names aren't so deep and touching and reflecting any more, they just sound cute.

3) The new characters? WAY. TOO. PERFECT. 'Nuff said.

4) The super-kittys. What? A stick that travels through time? A medicine cat that is blind, but can still see with his mind?

Any other opinions?

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