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  • WarriorCats5ever

    There are a ton of rumers circling about this one, but here's a wild guess:

    I think that it is possible that Jake died from Hawkfrost because Hawkfrost wants revenge on Firestar, and while he was in the Dark Forest he could have learned about Jake, and have killed Jake by appering and killing him, or some other bad way. It's a long shot but he could have thought that since Firestar *cough* killed his father, then he should kill Firestar's father. I know I will be criticzied about this in the comments, but hey, you never know.

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  • WarriorCats5ever

    --WarriorCats5ever (talk) 13:51, June 26, 2017 (UTC)====

    =====Okay, okay, everyone knows that they are related. But the weird thing is, they were acually somewhat related when they were born! In Pinestar's Choice, it reveals that Pinestar became a kittypet and is friends with Jake! So, Firestar is Tigerstar's son's mate's father AND Tigerstar's father's friend's son. They were connected on the day they were born, not the day their son and daughter became mates.  --WarriorCats5ever (talk)

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