Okay through the warriors series there have been many evil cats. But have you thought to think that you should feel sorry for them although they've done loads of bad things. I've made sections on this post for ones you should feel sorry for and ones you shouldn't.

Should feel sorry for.


I know that Mapleshade is in the dark forest and all but her story is kind of sad. When I was reading Crookedstars Promise and heard her story I felt sympathy for her. She was a loyal apprentice but fell in love with a RiverClan warrior named Appledusk. When she had kits with him her clan banished her for betrayl and when she tried to carry her kits across the river they got swept away and drowned! How do you think she felt? Watching as her kits were swept away out of her reach to their death! I can just picture her wailing "Oh no! My precious kits!" And when she went to join RiverClan Appledusk accused her of letting the kits go and the leader of RiverClan sent her away without letting her stay the night to regain her strenght! She become a loner, outcast from her own life. All she did was love too much! Her anger grew inside her and her become evil. That's what lead her to going to the dark forest. 


He was born a kittypet named Tiny. He was constantly bullied by his littermates Socks and Ruby. When twolegs came to look at the kittens to by Tiny was scared and hid under a table. Later he realized that he needed to get the twoleg to like him but it kept ignoring him. Then Ruby told him that he was an unwanted kitten and would be thrown in the river! Tiny got so scared and ran away to the forest and decided that he would join them. But when he came across Thistleclaw's patrol Tiny was attacked by Tigerpaw leaving him scarred and with a deep grudge. He moved to the city, his grudge made him angry and evil with a desire for revenge, changed his name to Scourge and created BloodClan! When I read the Darkest Hour I was pleased when he died but when I heard his story I was so sad! 


I think that he was a good cat before he started hanging out with Tigerclaw. I read somewhere online that Darkstripe was just afraid of being alone and stupid Tigerstar took advantage over that! In the prolouge in one of thr books Darkstripe was in the dark forest and he was all like "Where are StarClans hunting grounds? I though our ancestrors would be here!" and I felt like he was all sad that he couln't see his family. I don't have much to say about him but if he hadn't been friends with Tigerstar, he would be good and could possibly be living at the lake!

Shouldn't feel sorry for.


Thistleclaw was basically born evil. He always wanted to better then Bluestar ever since he was a kit! When Snowfur died he said that it should have been Bluefur on the thunderpath! He basically forbid Bluefur from seeing his kit as he tought Whitekit some battle moves. I was so glad when Bluefur kept mothering him. When he mentored Tigerpaw his main lesson was "Let all cats fear you and defend everything with teeth and claws"! Thistclaw started a chain of evil! He trained Tigerstar to be evil, Tigerstar made Scourge and Hawkfrost evil and that made the dark forest! He has no good in him whatsoever! 


He was born evil. He always thought fighting was the best answer. When he was deputy he killed his FATHER Raggedstar by ripping out all of his 9 lives and somehow StarClan still exepted him! When he was leader he forced kits to train as apprentices at like 3 moons old! And about half of them died and he couldn't care less! Mister Stupidstar then made the elders leave camp and find food for themselves as they were "A waste of our fresh kill"! Then he accused Yellowfang of killing her two little sisters, Marigoldkit and Mintkit when it was probably a fox (or him I'm still a bit fuzzy on that)! Then he somehow got the whole clan to agree with him and Yellowfang, THE MEDICINE CAT got banished! He was born pure evil! I was so happy when he died twice.

In between


When I started reading the warriors series I was all like "Oh yeah he's so evil! He's in the dark forest because he was born evil!" And I thought that from Into the wild to The last hope, but when i realized his roots weren't evil I wasn't so sure. Thistleclaw trained him really hard and told him to attack a kittypet kit! A kit that was a kittypet! Scourge (Tiny at that time, he was the kittypet) coul've died! A simple "Please may you get off our territory this belongs to ThunderClan" and an escort would've been enough! And Tigestar then created his own chain of evil. He made Darkstripe evil and Hawkfrost evil and they trained cats in the dark forest! To sum it up, he is kind of evil but he doesn't have evil roots.


Tigerstar basically influenced him to be evil. Hawkfrost was all like "I'm going to control the forest but won't make the mistakes that Tigerstar made!" I read some facts about warriors and it said that sometimes Hawkfrost wishes that he hadn't become evil like his father and hadn't died so badly. There's not much to say but his roots aren't evil, it was just Tigerstar.

So you can see that many evil cats that you thought were purely evil aren't. If they are purely evil they would evil roots like Thistleclaw and Brokenstar, evil from when they were born. I personally feel sorry for the cats who aren't purely evil because they could've turned out ncie if it weren't for the others around them. Feel free to post your opinion, no ones thoughts are wrong!

Please post your opinions in the comments section and check out my other posts!

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