I've had enough of that arrogant furball Breezepelt. I'm just sick of him! The way he acts like he's the best at everything and has loads of power. In "The Last Hope" he betrayed his clan and thought on the side of the Dark Forest!

He is always angry at Jayfeather and his littermates and Leafpool for breaking his fathers heart. WELL GUESS WHAT STUPID BREEZEPELT! IF LEAFPOOL HADN'T BROKEN CROWFEATHERS HEART AND ENDED THEIR RELATIONSHIP, YOU NEVER WOULD'VE BEEN BORN! So he's basically blaming them for his birth. I'm glad that he's a rogue now. I heard that Onestar exiled him after the great battle. GOOD RIDANCE! 

I can't belive he calls himself a warrior! He tried to kill Poppyfrost and Jayfeather! A medicine cat. He was so arrogant and stupid towards Crowfeather because of Nigthcloud being angry at Crowfeather not being there for her difficult birth. Crowfeather never did anything wrong! Except make the ThunderClan medicine cat run away with him which I hate him for but he's not that bad! Breezepelt just walks around like "Oooh I'm the best at everything! Obey me cause I'm the greatest cat ever to live!" 


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