Through the warriors series it has been stated that Medicine cats aren't aloud to have a mate or kits. I see the point but it is still very unfair.

Being able to have a mate

I think the reason why medicine cats cant have mates is because they would distract them from their work. Medicine cats need to be dedicated to training their apprentice and helping injured and sick cats in the clan. Mates would probably just get in their way.

But, it is unfair not allowing them to have mates. I don't like the way that medicine cats are forced to live a kind of  separate life from the warriors. Every day medicine cats have to see toms and she-cats happily together knowing that deep down no other cat would feel the same way about them. 

Having kits

If a medicine cat had kits they would have to take many moons off work. If there was a big battle and their kits had just been born and needed milk they wouldn't be able to help the injured warriors and a lot of them would probably die. If they had an apprentice, the apprentice wouldn't be able to have another mentor and if a cat was injured in some way and the apprentice didn't know how to deal with it and the medicine cat with kits couldn't help at the moment that warrior would be left in a lot of pain or would have to go to another clans medicine cat for help.

But mostly every she-cat or tom  would want to have kits and being told that you are not allowed to and it is against the warrior code is just heart-breaking. If a medicine cat did have kits they'd be forced to give them up and watch them grow up without knowing who their real mother/father was and have to resign as a medicine cat. She-cat medicine cats must feel really rotten sometimes because they always help their clanmates when sick and make them well again and are repayed with NO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A MATE OR KITS COZ IT IS AGAINST THE WARRIOR CODE!

Should medicine cats be able to have kits and a mate? Please post your opinion in the coments section. 

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