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    Many people say that these cats are truly evil and should go/are in the Dark Forest. Some of these cats are simply villains to the current main character, but some of them are actually evil. Here are a few examples of these cats. Also, beware of Spoilers for ALL the books.

    Thistleclaw = Thistleclaw's most famous act is when he goaded Tigerpaw (later Tigerstar) to attack and almost kill Tiny. Thistleclaw didn't actually kill any cats, or break the Warrior Code in any way. Although Thistleclaw did train in the Dark Forest (his mentor was Silverhawk), he never actually harmed any of his Clanmates. Many people say that he made Tigerstar evil, and that since he told Tigerstar to attack Scourge, that the BloodClan battle was his fault. Bluestar act…

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