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    Terrible Parents

    December 29, 2015 by Warriorcat1195

    Here I'm going to talk about terrible parents in the Warriors world. 

    1. Rainflower

    Rainflower was so proud of Stormkit, but when he accidentally broke his jaw, she cast him aside, not even trying to help! Not trying to comfort him and make him not feel so out-of-place like everyone else, but simply ignored him, and told Hailstar to change his name to Crookedkit! Then when Oakkit became apprenticed, told Crookedkit to sleep in the nursery all by himself! What kind of mother does this sort of thing?! 

    2. Stormtail

    Stormtail was too busy with his warrior duties to really notice Bluekit and Snowkit much at all! They were always stuck having to play with each other, and Patchkit and Leopardkit, who soon became apprenticed and left. While the two k…

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