Here I'm going to talk about terrible parents in the Warriors world. 

1. Rainflower

Rainflower was so proud of Stormkit, but when he accidentally broke his jaw, she cast him aside, not even trying to help! Not trying to comfort him and make him not feel so out-of-place like everyone else, but simply ignored him, and told Hailstar to change his name to Crookedkit! Then when Oakkit became apprenticed, told Crookedkit to sleep in the nursery all by himself! What kind of mother does this sort of thing?! 

2. Stormtail

Stormtail was too busy with his warrior duties to really notice Bluekit and Snowkit much at all! They were always stuck having to play with each other, and Patchkit and Leopardkit, who soon became apprenticed and left. While the two kits were loved, they never got to know their father well. And when Moonflower died, Stormtail was of no help comforting his kits. In fact, I think he ignored them even more! Bluepaw and Snowpaw didn't have reassurance from their father; only other Clanmates, and it didn't mean as much coming from them. No wonder it took Bluepaw so long to recover from the shock of losing Moonflower!

3. Spiderleg

He never visited his kits once, and was scared to even admit he had any! Poor Toadkit and Rosekit, how did they survive as kits? I suppose they had Daisy and Ferncloud, but their father never came to them. He pretended they didn't exist! Leafpool had to lecture him about parenting, and he still wasn't a good father!

4. Smoky

Not only is he a terrible father, letting  all of his kits go, not really seeming to care about them too much, but he's also a terrible mate! He's mated three people--Floss, Daisy, and Coriander. He just mates every female cat he sees, I think! And when they have kits, he doesn't act very sympathetic. It's no wonder Daisy stayed with ThunderClan!

5. Sandgorse

He tried to force his own kit into loving tunneling! You can't force someone to enjoy an activity! He started Tallkit digging when he was only a moon old or younger! And when Tallkit got hurt, Sandgorse tried to get him to start again! And then when Heatherstar made Tallpaw a moor runner, Sandgorse pretended he didn't have a son! Like, ouch! And when Tallpaw went underground with Sandgorse and nearly drowned, Tallpaw was scared to death, then accidentally told someone who told Heatherstar, who said to close up the tunnels altogether! And Sandgorse not only pretended Tallpaw wasn't his son, but pretended that he didn't exist! He just moped around camp about not being able to tunnel! 

6. Crowfeather

He outright hates all of his kits! He denies that he's father to Lionblaze Jayfeather and Hollyleaf, saying he wanted nothing to do with them, and showed anger and hate to Breezepelt in Outcast by praising Lionpaw and not Breezepaw, and forcing Breezepaw to come against his will, and in The Last Hope, showed anger to Breezepelt during the battle. Terrible father. 

7. Nightcloud

She was a fine mother, but she turned her only son against his father! What kind of mother tries to make her kit hate his father? That just doesn't make any sense! The family might have been closer if Nightcloud had tried to make Breezepelt and Crowfeather like each other, not hate each other! 

8. Clear Sky (Skystar)

Thunder (Thunderstar) was a young, helpless, motherless, only-child kit, who needed his father. What did Clear Sky say? "I can't take him." So Thunder is raised by his uncle and then is later given a whole bunch of responsibility and becomes one of the most famous people among his people. Gee I wonder where we've seen that before... (hint, Harry Potter and Star Wars) Then Thunder comes to the forest, and Clear Sky wouldn't even listen to Thunder when he was trying to give him ideas of how to make the forest better! And Thunder felt tormented! Thunder goes back to the moors, then comes back to the forest later when they try to split into five groups. Clear Sky just bosses him around! Then later completely separates himself from his son and pretends they aren't related. Way to go you.

9. Wind Runner (Windstar)

She hated Moth Flight just for being herself! Sure she made more mistakes than most, but she was still trying her best. As Gorse Fur said, she was special, and Wind Runner ignored that! She just yelled at her, saying that as the leader's daughter she had to be perfect 24/7! And when she went to get new herbs, Wind Runner would scream that herbs didn't help anyone survive, but with new herbs and new purposes for them, they could help save the cats, but Wind Runner refused to see Moth Flight as anything but a troublemaker! And when Moth Flight announced the Moonstone, Wind Runner just called her crazy!

10. Lizardstripe

When she was pregnant, she was extremely upset, and didn't want to have kits! I mean, what kind of mother doesn't even want kits? I'll even quote: "But I don't want my life to change. I like my life the way it is now. All I ever wanted was to be a warrior, protecting my Clan." There was also, "Oh, yes? What a miracle. If I'd known toms could have kits, I would have made "Mudclaw have these brats of mine himself." And of course, "What kind of mouse-brained nonsense is that? Why should I have to put up with another mewling lump of fur? I didn't ask for these kits, either[!]" So, yeah. Most terrible parent in the world. I feel really bad for her kits.

Add your thoughts or other bad parents in the comments below. Also tell me if you think someone else has done this, in which case I will see about deleting this blog post XD