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    Hello! This is about Hawkwings journey the book, and just Hawkwing.First of all, why is he under-rated? In my opinon its like nobody cares about him.Anyway, in the book bad things keep happening to him.First,Duskpaw (his brother)died,then Darktail killed his father ( Sharpclaw),then his mother and his sister (Cherrytail + Cloudmist) stayed at Barleys barn,then his mate Pebbleshine got taken away by a twoleg/human with his unborn kits.Wow, lots of bad things happened to him.But what did he do to deserve them? He might have been short-tempered, but he didnt deserve those things.Also if you search hawkwing warriors and click images, you'll see starting out pictures of the book Hawkwings journey and some drawn pictures of him.But then you see …

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