• Waterfalle

    So I'm tired of hearing "is Scourage/Tigerstar/Breezepelt/Sol/Ashfur/other bad guy in series really evil?". If the Erins make them kill someone, try to kill someone, or something of that matter, they are evil. I respect that people want to go deeper into the characters, but they are doing it the wrong way. Like when they say (I'm not talking about one person in perticular) "Tigerstar really isn't that bad. His father abandoned him, etc." HE TRIED TO MURDER BLUESTAR AND TAKE OVER ALL OF THE FOREST. That's evil. Same with all the others. The Erins made them that way, that's way they are supposed to be.

    Lionblaze is an exception because he didn't mean to do it. (If they ONLY kill a bad guy they're excused because they killed a bad guy)

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