• Whiskerpelt

    Character talk: Warriors

    September 29, 2016 by Whiskerpelt

    Let's talk about characters in Warrior(s) (cats)! Here are the characters we will talk about ( I'm listing down all the characters in warriors) THUNDERCLAN Firestar Sandstorm Leafpool Squirrelflight Whitewing Bumblestripe Brairlight Blossomfall Dustpelt Ferncloud Birchfall Larchkit Hollykit Daisy Millie Purdey Brook where small fish swim (Brook) Snowbush Snowfur Bluestar Whitestorm Stormfur Lionheart Alderheart Sparkpelt Jayfeather Hollyleaf Lionblaze Graystripe Bramblestar Hazeltail Cinderpelt Yellowfang Spottedleaf Featherwhisker Goosefeather And more!

    TODAYS CHARACTER OF THE WEEK wait for it....

    Cinderpelt is a small, fluffy, and so…

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