Let's talk about characters in Warrior(s) (cats)! Here are the characters we will talk about ( I'm listing down all the characters in warriors) THUNDERCLAN Firestar Sandstorm Leafpool Squirrelflight Whitewing Bumblestripe Brairlight Blossomfall Dustpelt Ferncloud Birchfall Larchkit Hollykit Daisy Millie Purdey Brook where small fish swim (Brook) Snowbush Snowfur Bluestar Whitestorm Stormfur Lionheart Alderheart Sparkpelt Jayfeather Hollyleaf Lionblaze Graystripe Bramblestar Hazeltail Cinderpelt Yellowfang Spottedleaf Featherwhisker Goosefeather And more!

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Cinderpelt is a small, fluffy, and soft furred smoky dark gray she-cat. She has enormous clear blue eyes.

She was the apprentice of Yellowfang. Her own apprentice was Leafpool.

She was first seen in Into the Wild as a kit. Although unnamed, she was one of the stolen kits. In Fire and Ice, she is apprenticed to Fireheart. She is a wild and exciting apprentice, very fast as well. She breaks her leg on the Thunderpath.

Special information - After breaking her leg, she becomes the apprentice to Yellowfang. - She gets a reincarnation: Cinderheart. - She dies helping and protecting Sorreltail when she was giving birth(The badger were attacking at the time)

Opinions on Cinderpelt:

(Write in the comments your opinion and I will feature it here)

From Gardenglaze: I think Cinderpelt is a good cat because she is relatable, kind, and fair. She was an interesting character until the New Prophecy, she became a little bland after the series.

I agree she was a good cat. She never really was my favorite though. Also, every character started acting the same and starting to get bland after New Prophecy. But, atleast Graystripe didn't really fall victim to it! But anyways, I do agree Cinderpelt was a good character. Thanks for your comment!

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