• Whitenose

    Crowfeather X Leafpool?

    January 16, 2017 by Whitenose


    Crowfeather X Leafpool


    Okay, they did create the three. But, really, that was kind of annoying. If they hadn't been mates, Leafpool probably would've saved Cinderpelt, or died herself. Either unfortunately saving us from that sad death that all made us cry. Or, leaving ThunderClan without a medicine cat. The Clans wouldn't exist, actually, because Jayfeather supposedly  created the clans.

    Crowfeather X Leafpool


    Let me start off with this, it was a total, random, ship. Maybe if Crowfeather stuck to his own clan he would have loved his son more. Breezepelt, getting more attention, would of not joined the Dark Forest, and not of tried to kill Poppyfrost at the Moonpool. Maybe, he could focus his mind be…

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  • Whitenose

    10. Mudfur

    9. Willowshine

    8. Puddleshine :3


    6. Littlecloud

    5. Pebble Heart

    4. Kestrelflight

    3. Yellowfang

    2. Cinderpelt

    1. Brambleberry!!

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