I like this wiki. I really do. I like editing little grammatical errors that I'm fairly good at catching, although I rarely make large contributive edits to any projects but PCA. I adore PCA and making charart. I like being a senior warrior of PCA: I always remember the respect I used to hold for the SWs that were in place when I became an apprentice. I like putting up pretty art and having a say in the larger decisions that our project make. I like teaching new members of the wiki how to behave, and writing coding for signatures. I like all of that, and more. I could go on for a while like this.

However, there are some things I don't like. I don't like is the drama. I don't like having my heart set on something (be it a charart, a final decision to a vote, whatever) and then not having that be the final outcome (somebody else reserves the charart before me, the vote goes awry, whatever). I don't like the petty arguments or the silly grudges. I don't like the "addiction" that comes with being on this wiki. I don't seem to have any self control when it comes to regulating my computer time when it comes to WWiki. I don't like the feeling of wasting my time. What point is it to make art for this wiki? Who really cares if an article has nice art or not? If somebody comes to this wiki, they're likely looking for information, not art.

So am I wasting my time here? Should I leave? What's the point of it all? I don't really know. You tell me. Leave your honest opinions. Tell me if you hate the way I conduct myself on the wiki, and you've wanted me to leave forever. Tell me if you think there's a point to just creating art for this wiki, and barely doing anything else. Tell me if you can think of a reason for me to stay, because I'm considering leaving. Again.

Anyway, rant over. Leave a comment if you will, and I'll be grateful.

Oh, and happy holidays, everyone.

llwildheartl08:52 Sun Dec 25