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  • Wildstar13

    Sandstorm-she seems like to me kinda rude like, but at times can be nice. Also Cinderpelt just told Firestar that sandstorm likes him because she was going to tell him but she kinda lied.

    Cinderpelt- she is one of my fav. warrior cats. i think that the she should of told Firestar that she likes him. If she did tell him he might be like what why or ok????????

    Spottedleaf- I like her a LOT and i dont know much about her but if the two did mate i would be happy.

    Also i dont like Sandstorm that much and she's weird.

    ok i kinda made this as like a second thing to one of my other blogs and dont ask why there all about mating ok idk why they are ok.

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  • Wildstar13

    ok so why did jake mate with nutmeg? how did he meet her? why did he like her? where they force mated? how do u think when he left her to go mate with quince? was she alive when he mated with quince?

    why did jake mate with qunice? where did he meet her and how? where they force mated?

    what do u think happened?

    ok dont go all like read the manga well i havent and i dont want to ok so calm down?

    haters gona hate

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