So everyone knows Leafpool, the little tabby who birthed the cats with the power of the stars in their paws. Well I just wanted to think about her lousy life, which keep in mind had begun pretty well. She was the much loved daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, with a sister whom she was very close to. She was her mentors little pupil, and knew everything there was to learning to be trained in medicine. Then a prophecy called on her sister to leave to go on a journey, when she returned with the tabby warrior Brambleclaw the forest was being destroyed on account us stupid twolegs destroying their hom, the place they gathered for a truce killing their prey and in that case killing them, Leafpool must have been scared and hungry the whole time, as well as her clanmates with her mentor shrinking smaller everyday. Then she had to journey to find a new home, And blah, blah, blah, she fell in love with an arrogant ass of a cat from WindClan named Crowfeather and she was also a medicine cat, she ran away with him and came back to witness the death of her loving mentor Cinderpelt, not knowing she was born again not 15 seconds after. And later on having kits giving them to Squirrelflight and they didn'tknow she was even their mother that pain is something a queen can never bare. When her kits found out she was their mother they hated her especially Hollyleaf who "killed" herself knowing. Also Honeyfern was poisoned and Leafpool was dying inside knowing she couldn't save her without Cinderpelt and knowing she was still there trapped inside Cinderheart's striped young body. Leafpool's  eventually found out what happened and she was forced to stop being a medicine cat and become a warrior a rank in which she didn't fit in and was out of place. Then she must've been horrified when the Dark Forest fed on fear and was stocking for a battle that would kill her loving, wise father, strike her mother's heart and kill her daughter the one kit that despised her more fleas and monsters, and all that time knowing she lied about everything, lost so much, knowing the tom she dumped to find love with a naive young she-cat named Nightloud, and realizing it was her destiny. But yet, she's still alive working as a warrior  and trying her to be strong and formidable in times of need. You just know she sees Hollyleaf's terrifying glare everytime she closes her eyes.................

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