• Willowstorm

    I realy wish Oakheart and Bluestar could've had a happy ending..... :(

    I wish mosskit was alive and they family were all in Thunderclan. Mosskits warrior name could be Mossgaxe or Mosspelt.... I really wish Stonefur hadnt died.And I am glad Mistystar is leader now becuase Leopardstar was getting on my nerves... She was so rude and bossy! But Mistystar lightens the mood at gatherings.... Oaheart and Bluestar could have awesome mingled names like; Blueheart or Oakgaze or something! In Bluestars Prophecy I was always realy sad when Bluestar and Oakheart permatly seperated becuase they were sooo cute.. I really wish Oakheart and Bluefstar were alive for a little more. Especialy Oakheart.. I wish he died in the 4th book of the first series...

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