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  • Wizardphoenix

    As you all know, Enter the Clans, a warriors book, came out June 26.

    I really don't like how they did this book when there were other things they could've done. I will tell you why I think this book is useless. Please remember these are my opinions as you read.

    1. These books already exist. This one combines Secrets of the Clans and Code of the Clans. Sure, for some of you it might seem better to have two books in one. You may think it makes things easier. But I don't think it does. I'd rather just buy both books and have another small, simple book like this worked on.

    2. There are better books to publish. A lot has happened in the Clans since Cats of the Clans has been written. There are new characters, a lot of them a big part of the story. Pe…

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