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    Wolfclaws life

    November 9, 2014 by WolfClaw22
    1. ====This Is WolfClaw,she is smart,fast,tall,sneaky,and the leader of OakClan. She has no warriors medcat, deputy, So if you want to be any of those give me a message :D Wolfclaws family died from a pack of wolves. She was 9/9 and recieved her nine lives when she was 9 xD She had kits, Oakkit, and Bramblekit. They bot died when they were apps by badgers. Her medcat was Minnowsplash, who fought off a shadowclan warrior who teared her up. Her warriors were, SwirlTail,SpiritClaw,RedMark,Smoothpelt, and her mate(warrior) BadgerClaw. When she had 2 lives left she was both attacked by the shadow and thunderclan leader loosing all her lives, Starclan gave her another chance and sent her down to be WolfClaw. She has eversinced been looking for the …
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