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  • Wolfspirit97

    As we all know, the Warrior Code doesn't allow Medicine cats to have kits. But if leaders can have kits, then why shouldn't medicine cats? Both medicine cats and leaders have a big responsibility. I think that they should ether take away the law saying that medicine cats can't have kits, or add a law saying that leaders can't have kits. Leaders and medicine cats both have to care for their Clan and they have to do what is best for their Clan. They both have to constantly care for their Clan. What do you guys think?

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  • Wolfspirit97

    I made this post because, although I'm glad some didn't, of how many cats died in The Last Hope. I hate that mousefur, Firestar, especially Spottedleaf(it should've been Sandstorm that died), and Hollyleaf. But I thought there where going to be more deaths. I kind of with there was. I made a list of the cats I wish would've. Some I don't think should die, but should leave the Clans.

    Sandstorm~ It should've been her that died, not Spottedleaf.

    Mapleshade~ Although we don't know if she died, I hope she is.

    Blackstar~ He is to proud, I never liked him, especially because he killed Stonefur.

    Millie~ Well, I just don't like her, for the simple fact that she seems to have forgotten that she has three kits, not one. She made one of my favorite charecter…

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