I made this post because, although I'm glad some didn't, of how many cats died in The Last Hope. I hate that mousefur, Firestar, especially Spottedleaf(it should've been Sandstorm that died), and Hollyleaf. But I thought there where going to be more deaths. I kind of with there was. I made a list of the cats I wish would've. Some I don't think should die, but should leave the Clans.

Sandstorm~ It should've been her that died, not Spottedleaf.

Mapleshade~ Although we don't know if she died, I hope she is.

Blackstar~ He is to proud, I never liked him, especially because he killed Stonefur.

Millie~ Well, I just don't like her, for the simple fact that she seems to have forgotten that she has three kits, not one. She made one of my favorite charecters, Blossomfall, feel left out.

Dawnpelt~ I hate her, ThunderClan would be better off without, as they didn't have a medicine cat because she started a rumor

Onestar~ I hate him soooo much! I loved him when he was Onewhisker, but then he tried to prove himself to the Clan and I heted him, Firestar didn't even do anything to him.

Nightcloud~ I hate her, she is my 3rd most hated cat, she is way to protective of Breeezepelt and just a bother to the Clan.

Breezepelt~ I hate him the same reason for Nightcloud

Cats that shouldnt have died

Spottedleaf- I love her. She did apper in almost every book, but she was helping. She help Leafpaw, Firestar more than once, and she saved sandstorm's life.

Firestar- he was an awesome leader. He was always trying make peace with the Clans. Some people say he needs to let some battles happen, but why put warriors lives at rike just for a battle that doesn't need to happen?

Hollyleaf- I know she killed Ashfur, but what was she supposed to do? How would you feel if you found out that your parents weren't really your parents? And she knows she should've killed Ashfur and she feel guilty.

Ferncloud- I loved her. She helped the Clan by watching the kits when the mother needed to rest, helps queens get settled, and if a mothers milk doesn't come, she feeds them. There are other ways to help the Clan other than fighting.