Hi guys! So today I'm gonna talk about something. Most of you probably think the same thing but I'm kinda wondering, do you guys think Firestar was the best leader.

Lemme just quickly go over Firestar's leadership:

He was made a leader because Bluestar had drowned in a river whine fighting off a dog pack. He then was made leader and saved the Clans by making a plan to take down BloodClan.

But once the books got in I started to notice he was sort of breaking the rules. For one thing, he let Millie and Daisy (complete strangers) just wander into the clan. He let Sol wander in twice. And it made me think if he was really making the best decisons.

We all think that Firestar was a great leader, and I do agree he was good but he did seem to make alot of bad decisions.

So what do you guys think?