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    Rainflower's Case.

    August 14, 2012 by ~Berry~

    I've seen some blogs about Rainflower, claiming her to be heartless and mean, well I'm sorry, but I must disagree. Rainflower isn't mean, nor is she rude and/or heartless. Grief sent her into a trance somewhat like madness, which made feel as if her kit, Stormkit (Crookedstar) were going to die at any moment, and her reactions were actually like that because so if her kit did die, she wouldn't have to be in more pain than when she was when he'd received his injuries. She didn't want to face anymore grief than what she'd already had to cope with, and seriously, how would you feel if your child had received those sorts of injuries that couldn't be repaired? You'd probably be shocked, right?
    But remember, the cats aren't humans, they aren't go…

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  • ~Berry~

    We all know how much Hollyleaf is obsessed with the warrior code and if what she is doing is right or wrong. But, do you think what she did in her life was for the code? Or do you think she was breaking the code?

    Hollykit was the cute black kit we all loved at one stage, am I wrong? But, when she went out with Jaykit and Lionkit to find the fox cubs, they were, in fact breaking the warrior code. But, they did lead the search patrol to find and chase off the foxes. Breaking the code, or helping the Clan? I've always asked myself that question. But, what do you think?

    I think the best example for her apprentice antics would be the visit to RiverClan. Yes, she was only trying to help RiverClan; but...Firestar said thay ThunderClan wouldn't poke…

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  • ~Berry~

    Is Scourge really evil? I mean, my feelings tell me that Scourge wasn't actually evil. His attitude is probably just his reaction to being bullied as a kit, by his brother and sister, Socks and Ruby. And also the attack by Tigerstar (Tigerpaw at the time) when he was a kit probably implemented into his mind that he wasn't good enough. He had to fight to earn respect. It is also probably to do with his size. He probably felt he wasn't intimidating like the other BloodClan cats. What are your opinions on Scourge's attitude?

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