We all know how much Hollyleaf is obsessed with the warrior code and if what she is doing is right or wrong. But, do you think what she did in her life was for the code? Or do you think she was breaking the code?

As a kit.

Hollykit was the cute black kit we all loved at one stage, am I wrong? But, when she went out with Jaykit and Lionkit to find the fox cubs, they were, in fact breaking the warrior code. But, they did lead the search patrol to find and chase off the foxes. Breaking the code, or helping the Clan? I've always asked myself that question. But, what do you think?

As an apprentice.

I think the best example for her apprentice antics would be the visit to RiverClan. Yes, she was only trying to help RiverClan; but...Firestar said thay ThunderClan wouldn't poke their noses into RiverClan's business, and decided to let them solve their own problems. But, no, Hollypaw wouldn't listen to the words of her leader. She wanted to help her friend, which in turn, made her get into a lot of trouble, not just with RiverClan, but Firestar wasn't exactly a happy kitty when he found out what had happened. But, she found out RiverClan's problem, and how they are fixing it, and that a battle didn't need be started over the borders, that RiverClan wouldn't attack WindClan, or any other Clan, for territory. Breaking the code or helping the Clans?

As a Warrior,

Well, all I can think of for warrior is running into the tunnels. I'll update this when I have more information about Hollyleaf as a warrior x3


Tell me what you think, do you think Hollyleaf broke the code doing these things, or helped the Clan(s).