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Welcome to Appledash's Den
You strolled into my den, ah. Well, since you're here, there's no use in sending you out. Come, make yourself comfortable. There's a patch of moss in the center. Me? Oh, no. I can sit on the sand. It's better. Look around you. It's a good den, no? It's a tree with long branches with many, many leaves that shelter around me. Some branches and leaves are bent over to make a tunnel, and the roof of my den and the walls are reinforced with many plants and branches to make it strong when bad weather hits. My name? Oh, I'm Icestar, leader of ShadowClan. I've been leader of ShadowClan for three seasons, and I've tried my best to lead it through the bad times. I follow the warrior code, or Wikian's code. I keep the kits and the elders safe, and I have support from my warriors. This is my den, as above. Secrets from many generations of ShadowClan are here. I've discovered a few, myself. You want me to tell you? Oh, no. I'd betray my generations. And there are secrets better left hidden than revealed. Take a look around. But first, let me lay out a few rules for you.

1.) Literally don't start anything you can't finish

2.) If you want to chat please find me on skype or chat. This isn't the proper place to do it.

3.) If you love svu you are free to become my best friend forever

These are few simple rules to keep my den running clean. Pesky warriors, unless they're my really close friends, running around here and knocking up the place isn't fun. But, follow these rules, and you'll be fine. Back to ShadowClan secrets? No. Find them out for yourself. And as always, have fun in my den.

I am also an admin. That means that I have some stuff to do around the wiki, but I'm usually always on because I have no life. If you need anything, you can contact me via chat in which I'm usually on. However you can also contact me on my talk page.

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Charart Requests

Status: i'm lazy and probably won't do it unless you nag me and say 'hey please do this for me i love you'

Proper Layout:


Pelt Color:
Eye Color:
Any Markings: (tabby, tuxedo, tortoiseshell, wavy stripes, ect.)
Any Effects: (scars, nicked ears, ect.)
Who This User Request is From:
File Name:
Remember: You can only have one personal image. I will upload it under yourusername.personal.png, regardless if you want it or not. That is the image policy. 


Hi Icy,

There was a chapter I nominated that had the voting made for, but I think it was forgotten to be put onto the PB votes section, because it isn't there. It's Forum:Silver_Nomination_-_The_Rescue/Part_2  Maple ❄Snow is worth the cold☃ 21:32, January 10, 2016 (UTC)

i just dont want them writing junk on my talk page, its anoying and could u tell them to stop

best regards, tawnyfang

ummm okay, that rule does not make sense, could u please explain it to me?  

(by the way nice den)


sorry for anoying u but im  new so how do i create one of thoose?? 


ok, your very nice i gtg but can we be freinds? thanks for helping,


hey, icy, this is a charart reqest, because i would like you to make me a cat cuz your awesome.

pelt color: white tabby


wavy black stripes 


green eyes

torn ears, fluffy tail, 

black paws. 

show me it on your page then ill get it. call it  tawnyfang

from tawnyfang

ps(your awesome)

also on my talk page tell me when your done, tawnyfang

also this cat is a tom deputy


Project Books

Hey Icy,

Sorry to bother you about this, but there are lots of silver nominations on PB that should have been CBV'ed or had their votes up a while ago. There's also a vote that needs to be closed. Could you CBV/put up the votes for these nominations? Thanks! also, could you add the The Ultimate Guide and Secrets of the Clans sections for monster? ;) Maple ❄Snow is worth the cold☃ 03:28 Sat Jan 30

I Would love to Join your talk page, Please!


Hey can you get Cherrytail up at the front page of the wiki? I'm really busy this week and can't take time to write it out. Stealthf🔥re ❤Merry Christmas!❤ 20:41, February 1, 2016 (UTC)

Thankyou! I've covered everything else you just need to write up for the front page.Stealthf🔥re ❤Merry Christmas!❤ 20:55, February 1, 2016 (UTC)

Project Books


I did go on PB's talk page and saw all of the conversation about inactivity and I know I was once part of the project, and got kicked from it. I do wish to join PB again...but I don't know if that's really possible? I totally respect that I was inactive for a solid two months, and I deserved to be booted off then, but I was in the middle of a huge mid-life crisis, and I really couldn't help it. There has to be consequences for the project to work, such as getting removed from the project. I was wondering since I was 'technically' a member before the conversation on activity was started, if maybe you could assign me a number of articles to do to be back on the project. I won't leave again, I know that. If I can't be part of the project, then I wish y'all the best of luck and will always be there to support the project. Sorry for ranting... :) Respectfully ~ Spookycat27

Archive 29

I realize that it's really not that important, but a join request is in PB archive 29, and all the other join requests are in a seperate archive section so I just wanted to let you know just in case you wanted to change it. Probably not important tho. Spookycat27 20:21, 2 February 2016 (UTC)

Re: BloodClan

That's okay. I think I'll probably nominate it for gold sometime in the next few weeks, but I was wondering, is a gold nomination pretty much the same procedures as a silver nomination, except that the article must have been an FA?

Also, just wanted to point out that SkyClan's Destiny/21's Nomination was CBV'ed, but archived before the vote was up. Could you fix this?

Maple ❄Snow is worth the cold☃ 00:48 Wed Feb 3



There were some chapter subpages that were made silver(a long time ago) and they don't have quotes. I was wondering if I would be allowed to add them? I'm pretty sure I should, but they are already silver and everything. Some examples are the subpages from The Darkest Hour so... Spookycat27 15:40, February 6, 2016 (UTC)

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