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Maybe I am being harsh, but somebody has to speak up because it doesn't make any sense and regarding Brightflower, it doesn't fit in the canon line. So who is mistaken? Su or Into the Wild?

Anyway, the Dark Forest is the ultimate punishment in the Warriors world and that should not be taken lightly. If a cat goes into the Dark Forest then it is because they are wicked, done atrocious things, or somehow do whatever Antpelt did to get himself to go to that place upon death. 

The deal with Brightflower's death is the nail in that coffin, but for the crippled WindClan cat...of course she may be resentful, but it doesn't make her evil. I bet Cinderpelt was also resentful when she found that her leg would not heal, that she would never be a warrior...

It sounds like having negative feelings will get you into the Dark Forest and that is not right. Look at Swiftpaw, I bet he was very resentful when Cloudtail got his warrior name, I bet if he lived and was permanently maimed that he would be full of dark emotions (especially if Brightheart ended up being with Cloudtail). But would that make him be good enough for the dark forest?

Somebody has to question this stuff, it doesn't make any sense so why should we not look into it and ask questions? It may be harsh, but a lot of people are unhappy about many choices made and I only am speaking for those fans.

After all, to me canon needs to make sense and as I stated on Vicky's FB page, it needs to be clear for all fans to understand it and be able to accept it. And that is not happening with a lot of the recent stuff.Maskedowl2 (talk) 04:29, September 25, 2016 (UTC)

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