January 13,2015

Hi Vicky! I was just wondering something. Back in the third SkyClan and the Stranger manga, After the Flood, Mintfur and Harveymoon were shown to be very close. They even had their tails entwined together at one point. So are those two mates? And if so do their kits appear in Ravenpaw's Farewell?

Vicky: A fleeting romance, I'm afraid! No kits

January 12, 2015

Vicky, you said that Ravenpaw's Farewell takes place in the middle of Omen of the Stars (Night Whispers-ish). That would makes sense, as in the sample for RF Ravenpaw says that it is leaf-bare.

But you said in the same statement that it takes place one year after the Clans left the old forest. That would be around The Sight, the same time Graystripe returned to ThunderClan. That was leaf-bare, too. So which is it? Also, what in the world happened to SkyClan? A lot of cats are missing.

Vicky: I do have a hard time following the timeline! SkyClan is fine, I only mention the cats who encounter Ravenpaw and Barley in the Allegiances list.

January 12, 2015

Did Dawnpelt and Jayfeather make amends after it was revealed that he didn't kill Flametail?

Vicky: Good question! Yes, I think so, although Jayfeather is so grumpy that Dawnpelt might not notice a difference!

January 12, 2015

Hey Vicky! We noticed, that Robinwing had two mates. Fuzzypelt and Patchpelt.

With Patchpelt, she had Longtail. With Fuzzypelt the had Ravenpaw and Dustpelt. Now Robinwing has two more kits, Brindleface and Frostfur. Who of the two toms is teir father? Patchpelt or Fuzzypelt? Pleace tell us

Vicky: My head hurts... I'll go with Fuzzypelt.




April 10, 2013

I have a question regarding Millie. She used her skill to speak to dogs back in 'Warrior's Refuge', but after that, it seems to have been abandoned. Did you and the other Erins happen to forget about that skill? I'd think it would be extremely useful for the Clans, should they run into another dog. I really liked that about Millie, and I think it'd be great to bring that special skill back.

Vicky: Hi [Fan], no I haven't forgotten that Millie can speak a few words of "dog", but the cats encounter dogs so rarely beside the lake that her skills have not been required. It's much more important to the warrior lifestyle that they stay away from dogs, and all other animals. No inter-species alliances, I'm afraid!

April 9, 2013

Hi Vicky, I heard that a new novella called [Tigerclaw's Fury] is coming out this year, is that true?

Vicky: Yup, I'm working on Tigerclaw's Fury at this very moment! It will be an ebook first, then a paperback next year along with two more new novellas, Leafpool's Wish and one that hasn't quite been set in stone yet.

April 8, 2013

Hmm. I was reading my copy of The Sun Trail, and sometimes I wonder how long ago the ancient cats lived before Firestar/The Three's time. A hundred years? Fewer than that?

Vicky: I always imagined the first cats came to the forest 30 years ago, so if Into the Wild is set in the year it was published, 2003, then Dawn of the Clans is set in the early 1970s.


March 29, 2013

Hello Vicky , I am the #1 Warriors Fan, and i have one question about future books. Will Bramblestar have kits with Squirrelflight?

Vicky: Gosh, I couldn't say! Perhaps you should read Bramblestar's Storm..? Only a year and a bit to wait!


February 11, 2013

How did Mapleshade become evil?

Fan: it's [explained] pretty well in Crookedstar's Promise, but to give it in a nutshell: Mapleshade was a ThunderClan warrior who fell in love with a RiverClan tom. She had his kits, but shortly after they were born, ThunderClan discovered they were those of a RiverClan cat's. ThunderClan exiled her and her [Half-Clan] kits. She tried to take them across the river to her mate, but they drowned. She told her mate, and he blamed her. Then she went off as a rogue. But then her ex-mate fell in love with a RiverClan she-cat. They had a daughter, and she had a son, which was Shellheart. Crookedstar's father. So she took on Crookedpaw as her own little Dark Forest apprentice, training his to be evil. But smart little Crookedstar realized he [wasn't] doing any good training with her.

Vicky: Thank you for the detailed explanation, [Above Commenter]!

February 10, 2013

Many have asked about new Super editions, Tallstar and 7th one, The Dawn of the Clans... But is there going to be any new Manga?

Fan: Dawn of the Clans isn't a super edition, it's a new series. I'm not sure about the manga. I think the company that made it closed down.

Fan: [On] Kate's page, one of the Erin's, she recently posted that she was illustrating a new cat for some [manga]. [I'm] guessing on it being Tallstar, as [there] is usually [a manga] at the end of each super edition. ([I'm] pretty sure [it] was Kate's page)

Vicky: [The Above Comments] are right! There will be a manga at the end of Tallstar's Revenge - though it's not Kate who illustrates that, but James, our fabulous manga artist. But the company that creates the solo manga books has indeed fallen by the wayside, so no more for us. :(


January 25, 2013

In [my] English class, we just finished reading "The Great Gatsby" And the character Daisy in that book seemed an awful lot like Daisy from the warriors series...[I] [was] just curious if you made Daisy a reference from "The Great Gatsby's" Daisy? :)

Vicky: Oh my goodness! I love The Great Gatsby too, but I can honestly say that it never occurred to me that Daisy is Daisy, if you see what I mean!

January 23, 2013

I have heard a lot of people talking about a Warriors movie. People have named actors who will be doing the voices such as Elijah Wood, Zac Efron, Rhianna, and a few others. I was just wondering if any of this is true? Or if it's all a load of silly made up gossip. Is there going to be a movie?

Fan: No movie is being planned.

Fan: It's a bunch of foxdung. At the moment no movie is being planned, but who knows if there will be one in the future :)

Vicky: [The above comments] are right, I'm afraid.

January 23, 2013

I'm [Brazilian] and I love your books. I [was] [wondering] if you can tell [me] if all the [Warriors] series books will be translated to here in Brazil.

Vicky: Hi [Fan]. Yes, Warriors books are available in Brazil, in [Portuguese]. I hope you can find them!

January 18, 2013

I just wanted to ask that Scourge's siblings Socks and Ruby, are they still alive? Or did they starve to death or something?

Vicky: I doubt they're still alive because they were around a long time ago, but I don't know if they'd have starved to death.

January 16, 2013

Quick question if [Hollyleaf] killed [Ashfur] so the truth [didn't] come out about [Leafpool] then umm why did [Hollyleaf] say it if she did it so it could stay a secret..? [Thanks.]

Fan: Well, it’s important to remember that Hollyleaf was very unstable at that point. Her past had been completely rewritten, her origin went against both the warrior code and medicine cat code which she held very dear, she had been lied to, almost killed, and all of this was going to be spilled in front of many clan cats by Ashfur. She wasn’t thinking rationally, so she thought that if she killed Ashfur, everything would be okay: Ashfur was essentially the catalyst to the whole reveal about her past. So, she killed him; and then, she figured out that nothing had changed, except now she had another secret sticking to her and her family. She couldn’t bear her guilt and having to hold all of these secrets inside of her: she had always been honest, and respected the warrior code deeply. So, she thought that by revealing it to the clans she would be absolved of guilt and responsibility for the secret; she was also still horrified and angry at Leafpool and Squirrelflight for their deception, and was probably trying to vent some of that.

In a way she was right to tell the clan’s of what her mother and aunt had done, as it let everyone involved finally let go of their secrets, even if she did it in an overly dramatic way because she was still thinking irrationally.

Fan: [The previous comment] summed it up very nicely. She was always unstable, although if I remember she was said to have killed Ashfur because she was angry not purely because she was scared of him. But after he was dead she was very unstable and was on the edge but was trying her best to move on with what she knew and what she did. When she learned that Leafpool was her mother, the fact that her mother was a medicine cat and her father was from another clan caused her to lose all hope. She was always one who [believed] the warrior code should be followed before all else, and yet she learned that her very existence broke the code she [believed] in, in more ways than one. This made her go over the edge and the burden of what she had learned was too much so she revealed it at a gathering without truly thinking of the [consequences] as it was just too much for her, so she fled from the clans.

Vicky: Thank you, [previous comments]! Perfect answers, as usual. :)

January 15, 2013

[Ok] [I] have a question ...could you write a like after math for [The Last Hope?] [I] mean the ending was bitter-sweet. [And] did [Crowfeather] live[?] and did [Lionblaze] and [Cinderheart] become mates[?] [Did] [Dovewing] fall for [Tigerheart] or [Bumblestripe?]

Vicky: Two words: Super Edition. :)

January 14, 2013

XD I was looking on warriors wiki and [Jake] [Firestar's] dad was killed by a meteorite :P [That's] kinda funny for me XP Had to post this lol...

Vicky: It was a joke!

January 10, 2013

[Hey] [Vicky] [I] know that you will be having the tours in [March,] will you be coming to [Indiana] ,[Ohio] or [Michigan,] and what [is] the date in [March?]

Vicky: Hi [Fan]. My tour dates will be up on the official Warriors site soon. I'm afraid I won't be visiting Indiana or Ohio this time but I will be in Chicago!

January 9, 2013

I have a personal question after the dawn of the clans set is complete will you and your co-writers continue from where [Omen of the Stars] leaves off? Because [I] think it would be a great idea.

Vicky: Hi [Fan]. I don't think we've seen the last of the cats by the lake! Watch out for more news about a certain Super Edition...

January 9, 2013

Is Heathertail the daughter of Onestar and Whitetail? Because they're mentioned to be sharing a den once, and Heathertail looks a bit like Onestar.

Vicky: Ooh, not that I'm aware of, [Fan].

January 5, 2013

Did Longtail have feelings for Mousefur? Because they seemed to be very close when he was alive.

Vicky: They were very, very good friends, but nothing more.

January 4

[Do] you know when your tour will start[?]

Fan: I mean what are the dates in march[?]

Vicky: Tuesday March 5th! Not long now!



November 23, 2012

Did the Dark Forest attack Skyclan too? because there has to have been some evil warriors in Skyclan before they left...

Fan: I think SkyClan and their warrior ancestors have their own version of the Dark Forest that is separate from the main Dark Forest.

Fan: No I don’t think so. SkyClan is very separate from the main clans now, and I think the three only really applied to the Four Clans, as the Tribe of Rushing Water didn’t seem to have a battle of that kind either.

Fan: I don't think. So because if you remember a cat that's in starclan or dark forest they stay there but no one knew about skyclan so the dark forest skyclan members vanised I think rock once said something like this

Vicky: [The above fans] are all correct! Thanks!

November 21, 2012

So, in one of the books... Lionblaze is in the Medicine cat den. I don't know exactly what he was doing in there, because Id have to find the page again. But as a farewell, Lionblaze says something like "Thanks, Jay." or "Bye, Jay." I don't remember exactly what, but I know he calls Jayfeather Jay.

So.. did Lionblaze have a nickname for his brother? Being.. Jay? Or was it just a typo? Or something else?

Vicky: Yup, it was a nickname, out of affection.





September 27, 2009

Vicky, if you said that it's possible that Briarkit/Briarpaw will have an even worse fate than Honeyfern, can you hint which book it would probably be happening?

Vicky: Briarkit doesn't enjoy Omen of the Stars Book Two a great deal, I'm afraid...

September 27, 2009

Why did Cherith write almost all of the second series? Isn't it usually split 50/50 between her and Kate, with each writing three books? Could you please explain?

Fan: Maybe Kate was too busy?

Vicky: Yup, if Kate's busy with other writing, then Cherith steps in, and vice versa.

September 26, 2009

I was wondering if you are going to go on another tour to the US?

Vicky: Alas, I don't decide where I go on tour: my lovely publicist at HarperCollins decides for me. I'll let you know the details of my Spring Tour as soon as I have them, I promise.

September 26, 2009

I would like to ask how you discovered/became partners with Cherith and Kate. And who's idea was [Warriors] originally? Yours, Kate's, or Cherith's?

Vicky: Warriors was mine first, when my publisher asked me to work on a book about cats. In order to produce as many books as they wanted, I asked Kate to write the first two manuscripts with me; then I approached Cherith to help me with the third, and it went on from there. I knew Kate and Cherith because I was working as a children's book editor and they are both children's book writers. So it started off as a professional arrangement, with them working for me, but now we are very good friends (although they still have to write what I tell them, tee hee). Kate and Cherith have never met, although I have met them both.

Fan: How can Kate and Cherith both write the warriors series without ever seeing each other?

Vicky: Kate and Cherith don't work together, just with me. They read the books that they don't write, of course! But I decide what happens in each book, right down to each individual scene, so as long as I know what's going on, they don't need to think beyond the next chapter. It's a great system!

September 26, 2009

I was just wondering, what's the name of the font you use for warriors?

Vicky: Oh my goodness I have no idea, sorry. I suspect it was created especially for Warriors by the HarperCollins design team, who are rather awesome. :)

September 25, 2009

Who's your favorite of the three siblings; Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, or Lionblaze?

Vicky: I started off being a bit obsessed with Jayfeather, but then I grew to love Hollyleaf a lot, and now Lionblaze is growing on me. There are like my children - sometimes they are a bit of a challenge but I wouldn't change them for anything!

September 25, 2009

Hey Vicky, does it cost anything to publish a book? I'm writing a book now but I'm only half way through it. I just wanted to learn a little bit more about how to get it out in stores or something.

Fan: Self-publishing costs thousands of dollars. That I'm sure of...not quite aware of the expenses that come with publishing with a company.

Vicky: There is no age limit to having a book published, and often publishers like having very young authors because they get a lot of publicity! But of course the book has to be good in the first place. If you get a contract with a conventional publisher, it costs nothing at all - in fact, they pay you! (which is how writers earn a living) But there are also publishers who provide a service producing books for people who haven't been offered contracts. This is called "self-publishing", as [the comment above] said, and it does cost money.

September 25, 2009

Is Squirrelflight unable to have kits? Or can cats "absorb" kits like rabbits? I only ask because she was mates with Brambleclaw and he readily accepted Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze as his own...

Fan: Rabbits can "absorb" babies...?

Vicky: All animals can "absorb" unborn babies - horses do it a lot, unfortunately. It means that a foetus develops a little bit, but then disintegrates and vanishes. Other animals, including humans, just can't make foetuses, which is equally sad. I suspect Squirrelflight can't have kits for one reason or the other.

September 24, 2009

At book signings is it only you, or is Kate and Cherith there too?

Vicky: It's just me, I'm afraid. I think it would be a bit expensive to send all four of us (Tui would have to come too, of course!) all over the place. Since I work on every single one of the books, including the manga, I'm the only one who can answer all of your questions (even if I choose not to <evil grin>), so I'm the super-lucky Erin that gets to go on the road!

September 24, 2009

Vicky, who's your favorite she-cat in the series?

Vicky: I think Cinderpelt rocks.

September 21, 2009

Vicky, what are your favorite all of your favorite Clan Cats?

Vicky: I have a soft spot for Ravenpaw because he's most like me - shy and clumsy and always saying the wrong thing, and much happier living with just one friend than in a busy ol' Clan. I like Jayfeather too, because he says what he thinks. My least favourite cats are those who always do the right thing - which includes Firestar!

September 21, 2009

How come you made Honeyfern die? And right when Berrynose was telling how much he loved her? That was really evil and sad. :(

Vicky: I needed to have a cat die from snakebite to create a reason for Leafpool to have deathberries in her supply (to kill the snake), because I knew that I wanted Hollyleaf to challenge Leafpool to eat them at the end of the book. So I looked for the youngest, happiest, prettiest cat to die in poisoned agony and Honeyfern was right there! Bwa ha ha ha.

Fan: Now...since you killed Honeyfern... you must kill Briarkit!

Vicky: It's quite possible that there is an even worse fate in store for Briarkit...

September 21, 2009

I read Code of the Clans and found at least 3 typos. Did you catch these too?

Fan: In some paperback editions of Fire and Ice, it says ShadowClam once instead of ShadowClan. Unfortunately, I don't have one of those copies.

Vicky: I love ShadowClam! I might put that in deliberately...

September 20, 2009

I have a question about the map. I know you said that there is going to be a map at the back of Omen of the Stars Fouth Apprentice, but will that be the only book? Will there be more maps and games at the back of the next books in that series?

Fan: Maps for the territories? Aren't there maps at the beginning of ever book?

Fan: The maps at the beginning of the book are for the story, but what she means is the one for the game.

Vicky: I don't think there's going to be a map at the back of OTS1, I think it's just words. seems I was wrong about the Adventure Game launching with The Fourth Apprentice. Apparently the information for the game will be online on on September 28th! Sigh, I'm always the last to know these things. Or maybe people tell me and I forget...

September 20, 2009

Vicky, one thing I'd like to point out, is that Reedwhisker is not Mistyfoot's son. I read the transcript of the last chat, and saw that there was some confusion. That idea probably came from the Ultimate Leader story, when Reedwhisker tells Firestar "You saved my life once before, in the flood". But in Moonrise, Reedwhisker was just barely apprenticed. He'd have been much older in Moonrise if he were one of the kits Fireheart and Graystripe saved, as there is a year between The Darkest Hour and Midnight.

Vicky: Oh my goodness you are right! And yet in my head, Reedwhisker was supposed to be one of the kits from the flood. Gadzooks! This is my mistake, but I'd really like advice from your guys on what I should do. Keep Reedwhisker as Mistyfoot's son and hope no one else spots that he was still an apprentice in Moonrise? Or change his history?

Fan: No one else probably knows, so if you keep it the way it is, maybe people will just go along with [it.] :)

Vicky: Thanks, that's good advice. I can count on you to keep my secret, right? :)

September 18, 2009

I was wondering, when things say that the first book of OOTS will 'include' the Warriors Adventure Game, what does that mean?

Vicky: The Adventure Game will be printed at the back of The Fourth Apprentice (like the manga was at the back of Bluestar's Prophecy). There will be additional stuff for the Adventure Game on the website, too. Not long to wait (well, two months)!

September 16, 2009

Could you tell me if Stormfur is gonna appear again? Or if Tigerstar will ever except his death?

Vicky: The Tribe cats will definitely appear again, I love them far too much to leave them out! And Tigerstar knows he's dead (unlike Spottedleaf, tee hee), but he'll never give up his plans for world domination!

September 13, 2009

When will the [Warriors] video game come out?

Vicky: Plans for a video game are still at a very early stage so there's no news about a launch date, I'm afraid. :(

September 13, 2009

How many more Super Editions will there be? I heard that there will be another one about SkyClan...

Vicky: Cherith and I are currently working on SkyClan's Destiny which will be out next summer, then there will be one more which might be about the Early Clan Days but we haven't quite decided.

September 13, 2009

Do you have any ideas about how to end the whole series of Warriors? I mean, I don't want it to end, but wouldn't it be scary if it ended when Firestar woke up in a kitchen and it was just a dream?

Vicky: I can reassure everyone right now that Firestar will not wake up in a kitchen having dreamed everything! What a waste of time!

September 12, 2009

Why is Hazeltail's prefix Hazel? I mean, her pelt is gray and white, not light brown-ish.... is it because her eyes are hazel?

Vicky: It's because her tail is lean and whippy like the branches of a hazel tree!

September 12, 2009

Are Firestar & scourge brothers?

Vicky: Yes they are half-brothers - they share the same father who "loved staring into the forest", even though he was a kittypet. In Bluestar's Prophecy, there's some hints as to who this is..!

Question: In the original arc, it said that Oakheart died when he and Redtail tumbled under an overhang and suddenly it collapsed and killed Oakheart. Whenever any of the Clan cats hunted or patrol near Sunningrocks, the overhang or the spot where the rocks collapsed was never mentioned. Does it just blend in with Sunningrocks? Also, when Ravenpaw was telling his version of the battle with RiverClan at the Gathering, why didn't the RiverClan apprentices say anything when he didnt say somethings or said something else instead? Didn't their warriors tell them what happened?[1]
Answer: Yes, the rockfall just blended in with the rest of the tumbled rocks. When Ravenpaw narrated his version of events, the apprentices that were listening didn't know the truth. Also, the nature of Sunningrocks is that things can happen out of sight because of all the nooks and crannies, so the actual events might not have been witnessed.

Question: Firestar has 3 lives left!

1-Lost to Scourge 2- Lost in first Ravenpaw manga 3- Lost on his quest in battle against rats 4- Got squashed by a tree saving ShadowClan 5- Lost when caught in fox-trap thanks to evil Hawkfrost! 6- Lost to Greencough in LS! [2]

Answer: Three? That's all? Eek, I'd better start looking after him!

Question: Shouldn't Minnowpaw really become a warrior now, considering the fact that she's a moon older than Mousewhisker, Berrynose, and Hazeltail? She's been an apprentice for 6 books![3]
Answer: Don't worry, I think I fixed this already in a book that hasn't yet been published. Oops.

Question: So, we know Brindleface and Redtail are Sandstorm's parents, but who fathered Ashfur/Ferncould? Was it Redtail as well? Also, who fathered Frostfur's kits? I have a feeling it could be Lionheart, seeing as Thornclaw and Brakenfur are golden, like him, but you'd have to decide that.[4]
Answer: Oh my, Stephanie, I have to confess that without going back and reading Series One, I'm not absolutely sure. Though I love the idea of Lionheart fathering Thornclaw and Brackenfur - Brackenfur is totally like lovely Lion!

Question: What's this I hear about Poppyfrost having a mate and kits in O.O.T.S.? Have you actually confirmed this?[5]
Answer: Well, Poppyfrost DOES have a mate and kits in OOTS1. Only a few more weeks until the book is out and you can find out! But that doesn't mean you have to buy a copy - I'm sure someone will tell you on here. PS. You should know by now that I don't give away secrets that easily.

Question: How many lives does Firestar have left? This is very controversial. Did you keep track?[6]
Answer:'d quite like to know the answer to this myself because I kind of lost count in The New Prophecy and I really need to know! Oops. Bad Vicky.

Question: When is the adventure game coming out?[7]
Answer: The first part of the adventure game appears in the back of OOTS1, which launches on November 24th.

Question: Where does the series take place? I remember reading that the forest from the first series and part of TNP was based on one in England, but since Sharptooth is a mountain lion, it must be in the Americas. Which country is it in?[8]
Answer: The first series was set in the county of Hampshire in the UK (on the South Coast, near where I grew up). Then I invented an imaginary setting for the journey to the lake, and when they encountered a mountain lion I realized they must have crossed the Atlantic somewhere along the line because American wildlife had started appearing! So it's a fictitious island somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic which has a unique blend of British and American flora and fauna...

Question: On the official Warriors and Seekers message boards, it said that in an Erin Hunter chat, it was confirmed that Icepaw/cloud will be Lionblaze's mate. Is that true?[9]
Answer: I don't think that has ever been confirmed!

Question: Vicky what is the big secret that you made Kate promise not to tell?[10]
Answer: Hmmmm, would you believe I can't remember?! So many secrets, so many chats, so many opportunities for things to slip out...

Question: Will Socks and Ruby make an appearance in OotS?[11]
Answer: No is the short answer, I'm afraid. The journey is far too long! Same reason why we don't see Ravenpaw any more, sigh.


Question: How many more field guides are there going to be?[12]
Answer: Battles of the Clans will be out next June. Alas, that is probably going to be the last of the Field Guides (no Allegiances in the pipeline, I'm afraid).

Question: What were the "soft boulders" in Sunrise that Jingo and the others pushed down to attack the dogs?[13]
Answer: Pillows! From an old Twoleg sofa! Tee hee.

Question: The Erin Hunter page that a ton of us came from... it's fake?[14]
Answer: There isn't a movie coming out, and the other page is a naughty fake.

Question: Is Jake Firestar's dad, and who are Graypaw/Ravenpaw/Sandpaw/Dustpaw's parents? [15]
Answer: Graypaw's parents were Willowpelt and Patchpelt; Dustpaw and Ravenpaw's parents (yup, they were littermates! But Dustpaw NEVER admitted it!) were Robinwing and Fuzzypelt. And Sandpaw's folks were Brindleface and Redtail. And is Jake Firestar's father? Hmmmmm. YES!

Question: What are Flamepaw's and Dawnpaw's warrior names? [16]
Answer: You'll find out really soon! Not any of these suggestions [Flamestorm Dawnleaf, Dawnset], I'm afraid, though they're all lovely.

Question: What are you reading now. If you do have time for casual reading? [17]
Answer: I love American crime novels and thrillers (not too gory - I don't find pleasure in being scared, and I'm quite squeamish). I've just finished The Narrows by Michael Connelly, and I have a Tess Gerritsen and a Jeffrey Deaver saved for my holiday - although I'll probably buy a couple more books to keep me busy.

Question: What's your Warrior name form the website? Or your personal favorite that you sign autographs with? [18]
Answer: It's Mousepaw, which is perfect because my mum has always called me "Mouse" on account of being small and dusky-brown and quiet compared with my tall, noisy, blonde-haired siblings! Plus I'm definitely still an apprentice - so much to learn!

Question: The question asked
Answer: Poor Icecloud. Mind you, poor Ferncloud. Her insides must ACHE after producing all those babies! That's not promising the same fate for Icecloud, by the way...
Outcome: True
August 27, 2009

Which cats will be Dovepaw and Ivypaw's mentors?

Vicky: You'll find out Dove and Ivy's mentors in The 4th Apprentice. Not long to wait!

August 22, 2009

Hey Vicky, you missed my question way down there, about whether Jake is Firestar's dad, and asking who Graypaw/Ravenpaw/Sandpaw/Dustpaw's parents are.

Fan: It feels like I've made up A THOUSAND names so far, sigh! Sorry for missing your question, Rebecca. Graypaw's parents were Willowpelt and Patchpelt; Dustpaw and Ravenpaw's parents (yup, they were littermates! But Dustpaw NEVER admitted it!) were Robinwing and Fuzzypelt. And Sandpaw's folks were Brindleface and Redtail.

Fan: Cool, thanks for answering, Vicky! I actually had a theory that Robinwing was Dustpelt's mother, but it's great to finally know. (How about Jake being Firestar's father - is that true? Sorry, I feel like I keep bothering you!)

Fan: Wait... you do know that Patchpelt and Willowpelt are brother and sister, right?

Vicky: [Fan], tell me that's not true! Oh no... And is Jake Firestar's father? Hmmmmm. Yes!

August 19, 2009

Will one of the Three get a mate? I know you probably won't tell us yet... but it never hurts to ask. :)

Vicky: yesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesno

I absolutely guarantee that the answer is contained in the previous line! Hee hee, I'm feeling extra evil today!

August 19, 2009

Hi, Vicky! Are you, Kate and Cherith ever going to stop writing Warriors? Please dont! Those books ar the best and it would feel weird without having one to look forward to after finishing the newest one.

Vicky: We'll stop one day, Marissa, hopefully well before we run out of good ideas or fans. But that day is a long way off yet. :)

August 19, 2009

I can't wait to see Briarkit as an apprentice! Out of Graystripe's new litter, she is by far my favorite. I hope Cinderheart is her mentor!

Vicky: Hmmm. Just HOW attached are you to Briarpaw? Maybe you should choose a second-favorite? Not that I'm giving anything away, of course. Just sayin'...

August 11, 2009

Would Scamperpaw work as a name?

Vicky: Scamperpaw sounds like a cute name, if a little tricky to say. No reason why it couldn't be used.

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