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Virtual Warrior World (VWW) is a popular Warriors roleplaying site made in the ProBoards forums during the year 2008. It has over 10,000 members and can be reached via this link.

Virtual Warrior World uses semi-literate to advanced roleplaying simulation, and has a cat per account rule instead of a one account per person rule.



These cats live in the mountains and are very strong and probably the most enduring. They can survive in extremely cold temperatures. They are often the most easygoing clan, and last to panic in a crisis. This Clan is CLOSED for joining.


These are cats that live in forests, though thinner forests than ThunderClan, and half the territory is only a few trees scattered around an open field with very soft grass. They are small and agile, as well as brave and fierce. This clan is OPEN for joining. 


True to its' name, this is the Clan of the trees. This Clan can jump very high and is good at climbing through thick forests and jungles, and are very nimble and quick. This clan changes leaders much more often then the other clans, and is smart and independent. This clan is CLOSED for joining.


Sturdy and strong, these are the cats who are the most physically powerful. They can move rocks more easily and their camp is on a cliff, hence their name. This Clan is OPEN for joining.


Loners and Rogues

These two groups have different boards but similar uses.

Rogues have been most of the evil cats of plots, while Loners are often not involved.


A rogue mini-clan, similar to BloodClan but much more organized and emphasizes intelligence and skill over brute force, and has more compassion compared to BloodClan. Most of the DeathClanners look down on the Clans and their main goal is usually to destroy them. It is survival of the fittest to live in DeathClan. There are cats who are cunning and manipulative and play a difficult game to get what they want, other cats depend more on strength than their brains and can cause most damage in battle, and still others are simply here because they despise the Clans.

Deathclan has now been reopened, however kits cannot join, only cats that are apprentice age and up may join.


Where the cats who have Twoleg owners RP. This board is more or less un-populated.

Tribe of Crumbling Sky Rocks

This RP was opened in April 2013 and is exclusive to a few members picked to roleplay there. Teller of  the Sunken Sun is the leader of the tribe. The tribe is located east of Fireclan in an orange-red moutianous landscape.  


A large wolf RP was introduced to the site, and it thrived. This board is the least strict in its management, but it is still moderated.


This board is open, but never active. The background of this board is still on the drawing board.

Shared Clearing

The Gathering-Only board; only Clan leaders allowed to start the Gatherings, and even then; only when the moon is full. Kits & elders are not allowed to go to Gatherings; no exceptions.

Shimmering Rocks

The CloudClan and medicine cat board. Only spirits, medicine cats, and leaders are allowed to come here.


Where CloudClan, the site's more unforgiving version of Starclan, resides, plans, hunts and discusses.

Dark Pool/Hidden Forest

This sub-board is where evil spirits reside; and cats communicate with them through the Dark Pool behind Shimmering Rocks.



Jaimie/Wildstar is the main admin and creator of the site, while Mike, Luke, and Leah are Admin Assistants. [Luke is rarely active] Other staff members:


Wildstar (Leader)
Dustpetal (Deputy)
Waterheart (Medicine cat)
Brightflame (Medicine cat)

Mothbriar (Queen)
Lightfall (Queen)
Ivycloud (Queen)

FireClan Darkstar (Leader)

Squirrelpelt (Deputy)

Forestbreak (Medicine cat)

Clovepetal (Medicine cat)

Sparrowfur (Queen)

Snowflare (Queen)

Rainlight (Queen)


Birchstar (Leader)
Whitehawk (Deputy)
Foxheart(Medicine cat)
Fernpelt (Medicine Cat)
Leopardfire (Queen)
Littlepool (Queen)
Applefall (Queen)


Cloverstar (Leader)

Flamepath (Deputy )

Sunblaze (Medicine cat) Snakefang (Medicine cat)

Silversplash (Queen) Sandleaf (Queen) Sweetfur (Queen)


Fallacy (Leader)

Hallow (Second)

Tribe of Crumbling Sky Rocks

Teller of the Sunken Sun (Leader)

Bonus Features

Virtual Warrior World also has other roleplays, such as a kitttypet, rogue, tribal cat, and loner. You can also roleplay as a fox or a wolf!

VWW also offers Club, Art and Advertisement Boards. Read the rules in them though, as they are less linear than many expect.

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