These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Warrior's Refuge that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • Graystripe and Millie are on a wall leading out to a Thunderpath ahead.
    • Millie is hesitant to cross the Thunderpath, but does so.
  • When they get across, Graystripe feels like he's in the forest again.
  • The next morning, they start heading for their old territory.
    • They cross another highway, and Millie gets stuck.
  • Graystripe pulls them down a hill into a corn field and a big grain monster gains on them.
    • They run opposite ways.
  • Graystripe gets separated from Millie and arrives at what seems to be an abandoned barn.
    • He finds a family of cats.
      • One of which, Husker, attacks him and tells Graystripe to leave.
  • Graystripe convinces Husker to help him find Millie.
  • In the corn field, Graystripe and Husker split up to help find Millie.
  • Graysripe, and Husker's friend find Millie wandering with cut eyes from the corn leaves.
  • They lead her back to the barn and Husker tells them to leave their barn before nightfall.
  • Husker's mate, Moss, reflects on the time when they were lost and cold.
    • She pleads with Husker to let Graysripe and Millie stay, and he agrees.
  • The barn cats - the third revealed as Splash - tell a story of their old Twoleg owners.
    • Their owners died, and the new family had dogs, so they left and came to the barn.
  • After the story, Graystripe and Millie go to sleep.

  • The next day, Graystripe goes to get food, and one of the Twolegs sprays water on him and calls the dogs to come and get him.
    • He runs back to the barn and find out that the cats are trapped inside, because the dogs will catch them if they leave.
  • Graystripe goes back again to get food, and gets chased by the dogs again.
    • He gets trapped and Millie jumps down to save him.
      • Millie tells the dogs to go away and they do.
  • They go back to the barn and teach the barn cats how to talk to dogs.

  • The two dogs enter the barn, but Splash scares them off.
  • The barn cats, Graystripe, and Millie discuss life in the barn
  • Graystripe and Millie decide to go and catch a bird.
  • When they get out of the barn they see a little Twoleg outside without big Twolegs.
  • They creep closer and notice she may fall into a pond.
  • Graystripe goes and pretends to be a kittypet, getting the little Twoleg to turn around and pet him, saving her.
  • When they go back, Millie tells the barn cats about the charade.

  • Later that night, Millie can't sleep because she misses her Twolegs.
    • However, she tells Graystripe that he is her home now, wherever that may be.
  • In the morning, Millie and Graystripe meet the whole Twoleg family.
    • They lead the Twolegs to the barn, and show them the barn cats and their kits.
  • When they settle down, Graystripe and Millie leave to go to the ThunderClan territory.
  • Graystripe starts to recognize landmarks, but isn't exactly sure where he is.
  • They cross under a bridge and come upon The Great Sycamore in the old ThunderClan territory. Graystripe then walks from their to their old camp, and finds it demolished, and his Clan gone.
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