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Warrior Cats Online is an online Warriors game. On this game, you create every aspect of your cat. You fill out the form to sign up then wait for a response from an admin. Admins will say what is wrong with your submission and what needs to be fixed. If there is nothing then they'll e-mail you saying your account has been created. "Congratulations, you're a member!" First off, to get to the site you go to


Fill out the sign up form. It will ask you what Clan you want to be in. Here's some information about the Clans.

StarClan - StarClan is the Clan of your wise ancestors. Every time a cat dies s/he goes to StarClan. If cats ever disobey the warrior code enough by murder, then they will go to the Dark Forest. Not even StarClan knows much about it. You must die to be allowed in StarClan.

Dark Forest - The Dark Forest is where bad cats go when they die. It gives them a home and promises them revenge. The Dark Forest Cats will visit you in nightmares. You must die to be allowed in the Dark Forest.

SunClan - SunClan cats are very happy and fierce. They do not want a fight, but they will fight for their life. They live out in open so they are very fast.

MoonClan - MoonClan got its name from the moon. Their territory is covered in trees. Their camp is a large clearing in the center of the trees. At moonhigh every night the moon is right in the center of the clearing. MoonClan cats are the closest to Star Clan.

DayClan - Like SunClan, these cats are happy. Their whole territory is in the woods. They make it bright in a way other clans don't think of. They capture fireflies every night and put them in small bags. The bags are small leaves glued together with sap. In the mornings patrols go and take down the bags and release the fireflies. In winter and fall, as well as the cold parts of spring, they do not do it.

NightClan- Night Clan enjoys living in the shadows. No one sees much of them, minus the occasional border patrol. Their whole territory is covered in woods. At night they do more.

FangClan - FangClan is an outcast clan. They are very unhappy with being exiled. They hate clan cats and any other cats. FangClan does not follow the warrior code or many other clan rituals and routines.

Emerald Clan - EmeraldClan is an outcast clan that lives by an old cave filled with the green gems. When they lived in the clan's they were called Dawn Clan. When they were driven from the clans they moved to Antarctica. They renamed themselves Aurora Clan. Wolves attacked the clan and drove them out of there. They moved to North America and renamed themselves Emerald Clan. They are now a peaceful clan, but they will do anything to not be driven from their home again. Now the old Emerald Cave is the leader's den.

Kittypets, Loners, and Rogues (KLR) - Some cats are kittypets, loners, or rogues. This is the group they are in. Loners and Rogues live anywhere and kittypets live with their Twolegs.

Clan Pages

Each Clan page is made by the leader. The pages include the following items:

About Clan - A guide to the Clan

About Territory - A guide to the territory

Inboxes - List of cats with link to their inbox. Click on your name and log in to the page that comes up.

Join - When joining is open, a form to join the clan.

Medicine Cat - A chat room for the medicine cat's den.

Nursery - A chat room for the nursery.

Borders - Form to place borders. Must be filled out daily.

Leader Den - Chat room for the leader's den.

Warrior Den - Chat room for the warrior's den.

Apprentice Den - Chat room for the apprentice's den.

Elder Den - Chat room for the elder's den.

Forum - A clan forum

Patrols - Updated every day. patrol assignments.

Gathering Information - Gathering date and time and who is going. Also form to fill out if you can't go.

Fresh Kill Pile - Statistics on how full the fresh kill pile is. And what is in the pile. Form to take something to the fresh kill pile.

Training Hollow - chat room for the training hollow.

Apprentice Goals - the week's goals on apprentice trainings.

Statistics - Member and point statistics.

Members - List of members and short description.

Plot - This weeks plot.

News - Blog updated by the leader.

Medicine Cat Codes

Codes for the medicine cat to use in his/her den.

Chew Poultice:

Chews *Herb-Name* into a Poultice

Apply Herbs/Poultice

Applys *Herb-Name* to **Cat Name**

Fighting Codes

Codes to Use When Fighting

To fight:

*Fighting-Technique* to **opponent-name**

To defend

Defends *Your-cat-name* from *Opponent-name*'s *technique-opponent-used* with *your-defense-technique*


To hunt prey you'll look for prey on a page. When you find some, click on it. Fill out the form that pops up. It will soon be added to the Fresh Kill Pile.


Gatherings are held for the clan cats every full moon. No fighting is allowed on this night. The gathering is on the gathering page.

Public Forum/Chat

This is the forum and chat for every clan. No fighting is allowed here.

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